Thursday, September 22, 2016

Be Careful What You Say

Adolf and The Cook caught up with a friend not seen for some years yesterday.

Over a pleasant brunch we caught up with all the goings on.

Friend's partner of twenty years had been feeling poorly but refused to go to his doctor.  Friend kept at him and at him to which he replied 'Stop f****** nagging, I'll go when I'm ready.  This went on and on until, in a fit of anger, she retorted 'Well drop f***** dead then!'

So he did.

Massive heart attack.


Gerald said...
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Lolita brother said...

I know this may be seemed trivial but in my experience Doctors have limited health value.
I can give plenty of evidence to show that the medical profession add to the stress and strain with their flurry of humiliating series of tests, all adding to a somber negative state
I think Mark Twain said, " If you get sick you will either get better or die, so don't make it worse "
One of the reasons I am in Thailand, apart from the necessity to instruct the General on the defeat of Islam here, is to get some medicine which the self serving Medical profession will not allow me.

Here is a discussion with a doctor.
DR. Stop taking that Tramadol
ME So what will I do, because your way I can not walk
DR Get the operation
ME Yes I did that in Thailand, and it had no effect
DR. Why didn't you tell me
ME I did but you are always too busy to listen, I am not coming back here

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lolita Brother

Au contraire. It is only because of my doctor's insistence on a number of tests that I survive to give Gerald and his ilk the shits.