Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I can'r recall any political event in my lifetime attracting as much over-hyped ballyhoo as today's US presidential debate, due to start in about two hours.   I won't be watching as I need not endure ninety minutes of torture.

For me, there are two big questions.

Will Hillary drop dead, in front of 100 million viewers, live?  That surely would trump Trump's best ever TV reality show!

Will Trump spontaneously combust?  Not if his last few weeks are any guide.

I think this debate is very dangerous for Clinton and Trump really has to do little more than to appear likeable and let her ramble.

Oh well.  We'll just have to wait and see the reports as they come in after 1200 Adelaide time.


David said...

Trump really has to do little more than to appear likeable to anyone who isn't Black, Hispanic, Female, Educated, scientifically literate, oh, fuck! he just has to do little more than to appear likeable to those who already support him - the white, racist, misogynists.

Angry Tory said...

Trump just SMASHED Clinton into the ground - the moderator has to tell the audience (mostly "lefty" students) for cheering for Donald Trump!

Chris said...

"the white, racist, misogynists."

Like you? Who refer to Thai women as monkey people?



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, well, well.

From all accounts, it appears Clinton didn't expire and Trump didn't combust.

So will the whole damned thing make any difference? I doubt it.

Let's see what the polls have to say over the next week or so.

paul scott said...

David letting himself down. Its not just white, racist, misogynists its.

Racist, Sexist, Islamophobic, bigoted, stupid, old, white, young, uneducated, rural,
Islam hating, jewish, backward, christian, halt-white extremist idiots.

Cut and paste the slurs David, then like most soft progressive heads you won't have to reconsider anything ever again.

Angry Tory said...

Snap polls (phone calls, not internet) are in. TRUMP won.

It's all over bar the shouting.

David said...

When even FOX is saying Clinton won, Trumplethinskin the shouting is all he has to offer. No policies. No direction. No respect.

The Veteran said...

Entertaining perhaps (it wasn't really) but a serious discussion around policies not.

I think proclaiming yourself as the winner is a tad dangerous ... it allows the opposition to say 'he knows he's lost and this is all he has left'.

What sort of symbolism is it that has Clinton appearing in Republican Red and Trump in Democrat Blue?