Monday, September 5, 2016


Nothing quite as embarrassing as a sportsman/woman who is past it and the only one not to realise the truth.

Same with Politicians, think Muldoon, Nash The Elder, Palmer although in his case his relevance never existed, and The Troughmaster General whose self assessment dictated he was the man to lead the city of The Damned, only to have a higher being intervene and decide otherwise. Now that bunch of socialists has an elbow bender who ran on a ticket as an independent  just as Mr Goff hopes can morph into "An Independent".

"Tell em they're dreamin",  but history tells us they are right in there are enough moronic voters to overlook such tosh and elect them anyway.

It is the same with the current charlatan who leads a one man party of historical bathos that the deluded manipulator thinks he can pass off as ethos.
The prince of Pretenders  who sold the lie he "was happy to be the MP for Tauranga". who held the nation in limbo for weeks as he extracted maximum baubles he claimed he never wanted, following the first MMP election. That same person who then managed a similar feat of clay feet as he supported a PM who  having almost exhausted her assets to stay in power stumbled through a third term as her administration placed our economy in recession a full year before the GFC did the same to the rest of the world.

Now today we are being sold another pup from the man who formed his political skills at the feet of Muldoon and now over thirty years on thinks he can do a Churchill and save our nation as an old man.  Churchill he surely aint.

In what can only kindly be rated a brain fart wants to set up OAPs with an extremely elevated measure of their ability to go into schools and as volunteers teach youth to drive.
As one who has benefitted from professional advanced driving skills from heavy truck licence training, Fire service and Ambulance trainers who all gave valuable extra revelations of my less than desirable abilities, I am sorry  he just talking crap.
Yet an unquestioning media ignore the serious shortcomings in his "policy". The Old Goat links his brain fart to a shortage of Heavy Vehicle drivers.  Living in his little dream world he has no freakin idea, many if not most of the older drivers who may be equipped to pass on their skills are still driving a bus and or a truck full time.
Would the deluded idiot consider an OAP who had a Melanoma removed decades ago be suitable to teach diagnosis and surgery to a yoof and  then submit to open heart surgery from that yoof to repair an aortic aneurism,
Then again in his enfeebled mind he just might.


Redbaiter said...

Here's a few questions for you Gravedodger.

What political forces allowed Donald Trump to rise to power in the United States.

Was it anything to do with the failure of the main parties to respond to public concerns?

Do you think voters might support Peters because they like his policies, or because they want to send a message about the lack of real choices provided by the National Labour one party socialist coalition?

The Veteran said...

Red ... your blind hatred for National is so all consuming that you con yourself into thinking Peters has the answers. He doesn't. He is an interventionist politician in the Muldoon tradition par excellence. Nanny state personified. One example ... he wants to curtail the independence of the Reserve Bank and make it subject to Government direction. He's against asset sales ... how does that fit with your call for the sell-off of TV1 and Radio NZ? Wants to expand the loss making Kiwirail ... the list goes on and on and on.

Pay back the $155k he rorted and I might cut him some slack. Peters can't handle internal questioning of his authority ... just ask Dail Jones or Andrew Williams. Doesn't do natural justice too well either ... just ask Brendon Horan. So he prattles on about John Key and his hair ... one could respond with the comment from an erstwhile flatmate who considered him so vane that he used to iron his sox. His joke about Manual Labour is so old its geriatric ... much like himself.

One thing I can guarantee ... he would have arrived late to deliver his leaders speech ... he learned that from the good Dr Goebbels. Back in the early 1980s when I was involved with the Waikato Division of the Party and Peters was down to speak we always had to allow him another ten minutes ... because he would always arrive 10 minutes late ... sense of anticipation not, sense of a man consumed with his own importance ... you've got it.

Ursula said...

Our King Maker may have feet of clay as revealed by NewsHub.

Oh dear!

Ursula said...


Donations are a Clinton thing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor Winston.

The mild mannered Bill Birch was reported to say "He tells fucking lies."

Redbaiter said...

Hey Vet, I think you have totally misunderstood me.

I made no comment on Winston. I did not say I preferred him or would vote for him. I said nothing about him one way or the other.

I asked three questions.

You didn't answer one of them.

paul scott said...

Just a few tiny little problems there Vet.
/We have a Government which has at various levels watched over the nurturing of race based privilege and Supremacy. The same Government and its predecessors pay out massive fortunes to tribal leaders who do not use this money for the benefit of their people.
We should end the repetitive full and final payments.
/The Resource Management Act has not improved and in fact has even more Treaty tricks attached.
/There has been selective Corporate welfare from this Government.
/ The Housing crisis[ so called ] in Auckland has been watched by a sleepy Government which tried to blame the Reserve Bank, when that Bank drew our attention to that state of affairs and Immigration.
/ Immigration statistics readily show that the system is approving people not capable to the urgent skills list, and in many cases, without an occupational position to come to at all. We have an immigration system that is clearly open to abuse, and well known for that fact. Whitehouse will likely, and should be retired late next year. NZ First have a long standing Immigration policy, but Nat policy can not be found.
/ The Reserve Bank Act needs overhauling.
/ The shocking race based appointments to insanely regressive local councils has received no attention. We require a law that no appointments within democratically elected authorities.

The general hands off policy, good in theory, has been faltering.
New Zealand First will achieve 14% in the next election, and that is because we want that representation in Parliament.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... thank you for your confirmation that Winston First is an interventionist ... actually I can confirm he ain't very good at it. Campaigning in the bi-election he promised 'Oldies' using the Paihia-Russell ferry that he would intervene to have Goldcard holders travel free ... to date zip, nothing. Told the same thing to users of the Hokianga ferry ... to date zip, nothing. Told those residents caught up in the Mangawhai sewage scheme debacle that he was going to get the government to pick up the tab ... to date zip nothing. He's all piss and wind ... honed by years of practice in the Green Parrot.

Sure he's made opening electorate offices in Northland a growth industry paid for out of his leaders fund to the detriment of running a nationwide campaign ... problem is they're closed most of the time because of lack of staff.

I see Winston's made another grand announcement confirming the establishment of a NZ First Youth Wing. One is entitled to ask what happened to the NZ First Youth Wings established in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014 ... did Coro Street prove more entertaining to their members?

And now another money scandal. After the Owen Glenn 'missing' $100,000 donation we now have the mystery of the $3,000 'Currygate' donation which Winston now sez he never got but one of his MPs might have. I suspect the 'man' has difficulty lying straight in bed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Au contaire, Vet.

The man has absolutely no difficulty at all lieing straight, anywhere.