Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Morticious Moment

As the election slips away from Crooked Hillary, some wag suggested she looks as though she has been embalmed.

Could it be that she has been too close to President Embarmer?


Gerald said...
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JP said...

Someone needs a donk of water!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Please explain yourself.

Allan said...

Oh please let it be true. Clinton is a criminal in my opinion. I am looking forward to following her trial once she is indicted after losing the election.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up the day job AF......that was lame.

Nosmo King

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, Nosmo

It's Obama who is lame.

David said...

THIS is the Trumplethinskin that Adolf has such a m,an crush on. A Man

Who lied about why he wouldn’t release his taxes, because he was being audited and proved himself a liar by saying he would release his taxes if Hillary Clinton released her e-mails; who lied about how much money his father gave him or helped him get, coming out of college; who lied about sending his private jet to ferry stranded U.S. servicemen; who lied about talking to the Attorney General of Florida, who declined to investigate Trump University after she was given a campaign donation; who lied about his business in Russia; who lied about meeting Russian president Putin; who lied about offering child care to his employees, when it was child care for his hotel guests; who lied about “some people” wanting a moment of silence for the murderer of five Dallas policemen; who lied about seeing thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11; who lied about 9/11 hijackers sending their wives and girlfriends home to Saudi Arabia.

The Republican Party has actually nominated for president a man who has proposed that Russia or China should enact a Watergate-like hacking of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails; who has proposed banning Muslims from entering the country, then said it was only a suggestion, then proposed it again; whose running mate has proposed banning members of other religions; who has proposed open racial profiling; who has proposed banning people from “terror nations,” saying, “Look it up, they have a list”; who has proposed “ideological certification” for immigrants; who has proposed worse than waterboarding while praising how Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un handled protest and terrorism; who has proposed that American civilians be tried by military commissions at Gitmo; who has proposed killing the families of terrorists or suspected terrorists.

A man who has proposed teaching mandatory patriotism in schools; proposed that his supporters appoint themselves as election-day voting monitors; proposed making American protection of fellow NATO members C-O-D; whose campaign proposed purging the government of all Obama appointees; proposed avoiding government debt by printing more money; proposed reducing national debt by paying less than we agreed to; proposed forestalling new financial regulations by executive order—and then in the same speech proposed eliminating…some executive orders.

THIS is the man Adolf wants. A liar. A thief. A Cheat. All three things that play so well to the alt-right.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And you quote, of all people, Olberman?

Next you'll be using Mugabe as a referee for your friend the late Idi Amin.

Suck it up boy. You bitch will be dead before inauguration day.