Monday, August 15, 2016

Wogs Will Be Wogs

It seems Labour in NZ is not the only outfit blessed with Indians possessing a special skill in recruiting party members or creating people who will 'vote the right way.'

The Victorian State Labor Party has enjoyed an unusual boost in party membership over an extremely short time.  Hundreds of new members signing up over one week-end when, for twenty years, they might have been lucky to get two new members per month.

A new Labor branch-stacking scandal has erupted in Bill Short­en’s home state, with a flood of up to 1400 prospective ALP members in Julia Gillard’s former seat of Lalor and applications frozen in other suburban electorates.
The freeze on the memberships — many of them from members of Melbourne’s large Indian community — comes just months after the party expelled hundreds of bogus members in the biggest purge in its history.
One source said “this is recruit­ment on a scale that we have not seen in 20 years”, with 400 applications submitted in just one weekend in the federal seat of Holt in Melbourne’s southeast.

The moral of the story must be:- If you're going to commit online fraud, it's a good idea to use someone else's computer.

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