Wednesday, August 3, 2016



After years of shenanigans around keeping it secret, finally we are all allowed to know the "Godfather" of Wellingtons "Tenth trusts" is being called to account for what is clearly designed to be minimised by referring to it as defrauding his tribal members.

Professor Sir Ralph 'Ngatata' Love is answering that charge and as I understand it, a backup one of "receiving a secret commission".
Some will recall Ralphie was a go to man for comment and background on matters Maori during the Clark years and his squeeze one Lorraine Skiffington a one time staffer for the screech Margaret Wilson have both  been defending their right to name suppression for years.
Skiffington has had her charges stayed permanently on health grounds, with one wag suggesting sweaty palms and dysentery could be the issue.

Ralphie's little boy has also been naughty, indulging in similar if lessor level graft for which he has served a sentence of HD and his name suppression ended along with Daddie, stepmom Lorry in the lifting this week over three years after Ralphie was first charged.

I now await the defence of colonialization and loss of traditional hunting and fishing grounds as reasons these scoundrels were forced  into crime but there is a bit of background there.
Ralphie is a former trougher at the Treaty games, a University Crony and clearly been within reach of plenty of dosh, Matene, the son showed a bit of talent as a young man in Rugby but soon learned at Daddies knee that there were other opportunities afoot, while Lorry, a lawyer found even more sweeeties around the Big House on the Hill, then combining her talents wif Ralphie before her helf suffered.

One thing still seems absent unless there has been a deal for a witness, why is the Redmond Group, the people being shaken for the money, to expedite the work on the Pipitea Building not facing charges for their part.
In a previous life while gaining Real Estate Qualifications some papers around contract law and real estate practice seemed to regard both the shaker and the shaken as equally guilty in such serious matters. Of course if the developers had gone to the Police and refused to pay such fraud as alleged, Ralphie would have fallen at the first hurdle and not gone onto Beechers Brook where his jockey became unseated.

Its only money I guess.


pdm said...

Is `Matene' the Matene Love who played first five for Manawatu and possibly NZ Maori a few years ago? A very tidy player as I recall.

A shame he succumbed to `family' traits and temptation if that is the case.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It appears these two were movers and shakers within the Labour Party.

Why am I not surprised there is little media coverage?

Allan said...

Why am I not surprised. It would seem to me that the trickle down effect with money given to the tribes for Treaty settlements is not working. Those at the top get all of the benefits whilst those at the bottom still have their hands out for welfare. Some of those at the top are so greedy that they resort to further measures to enhance their lifestyle it would seem.