Monday, August 22, 2016


I note King Tuku through his spokesman Tuheietia  is taking up the moronic latest appeasement effort as a day to "remember (the) Maori Wars".
Will it include the murderous "affrays" that occurred when  Te Rauparaha after several slaughterings of various Maori in his aim of cornering the Jade market,  centered on the South Island West Coast and towards a final bloody murder of white settlers in the Wairau Valley north of Blenheim, originally referred to as a Massacre then down graded to an affray and today is merely an incident, mind you the still dead white settlers might have considered the original term to be more accurate as 29 dead is not to be taken lightly. Then again the Pike River explosion that is widely described as a "Disaster" may in future be down graded to incident, it will depend on who is writing about it I guess.

Is it time that Cullodden, Bannockburn, Glencoe  were all re-addressed and perhaps given a new descriptive.

Just what New Zealand needs as the ToW continues to be the basis for a racial division of our nation into paying serfs and entitled racially created elites living high on the hog with underwear that costs more per pair than what a struggling family spends at the grocer on a weeks food after tax on the income and before the Tax on those groceries.

Another ever paler "Brown Holiday" where the luvvies will riot and create additional mayhem for our police.

Boil your drinking water Hamilton, The Palace is very near, the contamination risk just moved to "code red".


Redbaiter said...

The end game of all of this is a race based government.

When it eventually happens, the National Party will deserve a big part of the blame.

When they should have pushed back they pandered. Bill English's endorsement of the push for a Maori War day makes me want to vomit.

Here's an honest admission of what the racist separatists (National's buddies) want.

observer said...

From Redbaiter's Link:

"In contrast to the Maori Party, which has urged the United Nations to reject former Prime Minister Helen Clark's bid to become UN Secretary-General, King Tuheitia gave Clark his full backing.

"She is not only a Waikato girl, she is a lot more than that. She believes in and loves Aotearoa," he said.

"Support for her is wavering at the moment but if she is successful can you imagine the possibilities? Just think what we here in New Zealand can help to influence. Good luck, Helen!"

Did Helen Clark visit King Tuheitia last week?

How can someone so high up in the UN slip into NZ unnoticed?

Psycho Milt said...

I'm trying to figure out why anyone would be surprised or annoyed that people who had their land taken from by force and sold off cheap to outsiders by the invaders, might be still somewhat disgruntled about it.

Also: Tuku Morgan might be an obnoxious, self-important, money-grubbing shit, but the same could be said for most of the current Cabinet. I don't swear any louder at the TV when he's on it than I do for any of those other pricks.

Gerald said...

I thought revisionist historians changed it to the NZ Wars over three decades ago.
Catch up required by the racists.

Redbaiter said...

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin said books by authors such as investigative journalist Ian Wishart and historian Noel Hilliam presented "clear evidence" that some of New Zealand's earliest residents might have arrived before the Polynesians.

He pointed to numerous Maori oral histories which referred to people being here when the first Maori arrived, including fair-skinned people.

"If we believe our histories, then we as Maori are not the indigenous people of New Zealand."

The archaeological evidence in some research was a potential challenge to the status of Maori as indigenous, which was why he believed no other Maori was prepared to speak publicly on the issue, Mr Rankin said.

Details of much of the country's past was being concealed by academic historians, he said.

"I would say it's a conspiracy. They are worried that their own research will be exposed so they have worked hard to ridicule and suppress any Maori history which disagrees with their views.

"However, the tide is turning and more people are now seeing that there is a whole history of our country that has been concealed and which will have major implications for Treaty settlements for example."

Redbaiter said...

Double-dealing Maori chiefs conned the Crown and cheated early settlers, according to a shock new book penned by a Ngai Tahu descendant.

Author Jean Jackson, granddaughter of 1800s Maori chief Tare Weteri (Charles Wesley) Te Kahu, claims many Maori grievance cases are false and without legal standing.

Jackson beliefs are the result of 20 years of intensive research and are so sensitive that she keeps all her records at a safe house. She suggests the $170 million Ngai Tahu settlement was wrong. In the full and final settlement that has been accepted by Ngai Tahu the Crown apologises to the tribe for more than 100 years of "unconscionable" behaviour and trampling on their rights.

But Jackson contradicts Maori claims that they were tricked into giving up land by lying, fraud and bad faith on the part of European settlers or the Crown.
Her claims include:

• Maori were themselves the tricksters who sold land sometimes two or three times - before and after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

• Ngati Tahu chiefs queued up to sell South Island lands.

• Waitangi Tribunal hearings did not use cross-examinations, a move criticised by London Privy Councillor Lord Robin Cooke for " making it impossible to test adequately some of the material."

• Maori held power over their tribes by private courts which followed the law of the day.

• Maori often sold land to pay off debts run up by their desire to be "socially acceptable" and have European clothes and possessions, for themselves and their wives.

• In some cases, Maori owe the Crown compensation for killing many early European settlers.

• Maori chiefs who agreed to sign a private treaty not to unofficially sell land reneged on the deal and, after selling quarter of the South island, sold a further half In February 1840.

• Maori have already been compensated by the Crown through the Land Commissioner's Courts which ruled that settlers who had bought land must register land claims with the Land Commission Court; and,

• The court was fastidious in checking the deals were fair and honest and if there was any doubt the land had to be returned to Maori, who got to keep the land and the money.

Jackson admits her views are likely to cause uproar. "Lots of people know of my findings but they're keeping very quiet. It distresses me to think what my grandfather, one of the chiefs who sold half the South Island in the 1840s, would think or all this carry on. He was a preacher in the Wesleyan Church and would be mortified to see land being given back and valid contracts he helped make being frustrated and overturned."

Jackson also believes Ngai Tahu chiefs sometimes gave land to settlers. "Our chiefs were in debt to foreign banks and merchants and in 1844 Taiaroa sold millions of acres with other chiefs to quit his debts."

She says national archives show South Island chiefs were indebted to the National Bank of Australia for £2400 and sold Otago land for the third time to cover the dept.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You'll have Margaret Mutu after you for utu.

Redbaiter said...

Poor treatment of Maori by European settler is largely a Critical Theorist myth. A myth pushed by a corrupt academia and a mainstream media full of graduates from that corrupt academia.

It exists for one reason. Too shame us. To take away our pride in our achievements, our history and our culture. To pave the way for left wing gradualists aka Cultural Marxists to eventually completely control our society.

paul scott said...

When a Society travels along a pathway to inequity and inequality, there will be by natural events a time of reckoning.
We know that Societies can become sick without knowing it, and it seems that the others are unwell and not us.
We know we are all right because most say so. We have the Television, the media, academia , and the priests of progress to repeat what the truth is. We have an entire Kiwiblogpropaganda site to downtick us should we stray from this progress and truth
We have a leader who did not appear to us as a flimflam, but he is.
We are a people with Maori tribal leaders the foremost among us,
Then after that, European and other ethnic groups including Asian are roughly equal second class.
We have a separatist Maori Party dominated government which is led by appeaser-in-chief John Key who only listens to what he has decided to hear..
The New Zealand Government today is without a core, direction or spirit , and absent to the utter imperative doctrine of equity, and equality. Entire civilisations fail and die on these grounds, as their former vigour is lost to social malady.
In a letter I burdened Don Brash and others with, I said that I see that our trouble is so deep within Government, institutions and individual apathy, that it is now irreversible other than by sudden revolution at the ballot box.
In the meantime, I say to people, we have to come to terms with the options we have.
I have no career at stake, just an iron in the fire.
We can lift NZ First to 15% in the next election, and thereby sack most of the bad spirits we have now.