Monday, August 1, 2016


The NZ Media, print, wireless and TV are all devoting much effort and emphasis on the US Presidential Circus.
Yes some of it has a minor news value but their reporting seems to be in support of one candidate, when the reality is IMEHO an established fact that neither of the two candidates are much chop. In fact if they are the best two out of the hundreds of millions available then they would seem to be truly lost.

Here is the news, almost all NZ residents will not qualify to vote in November.

I understand the total dearth of talent that might be available to fill the pages but how about some coverage of our near neighbours.  The undemocratic tin pot king of Tonga, underlying violence in Western Samoa, Solomon Islands and PNG while completely  misrepresenting the huge strides being achieved in Fiji by Frankie.
Then their is the total disaster of Mal the Knife in Canberra where a landslide created 3 years ago by Tony Abbott has been dissipated to a one seat Majority for the Liberal Nationals coalition. Mal making a pigs ear out of what should have been an open and shut,  no, not now, not ever, answer to narcissist KRudd and his seriously flawed ambition to become SecGen of the most corrupt world body.
Chinese rather worrysome moves in the Sth China Sea another event that will impact far more seriously than the Circus where we will have zero input to its outcome.

So I guess I am suggesting having the man/child prancing around conventions where even seasoned followers of many years struggle to garner what is actually news,  and then tonight a fluffy bit about a baby with serious degradation from the Zika virus, might just be missing the nub of what we should be needing to be kept abreast of if media 2016 has any residual relevance.


paul scott said...

Yes. Its true. My old man always said charity begins at home. That is don't divert attention to where you are completely meaningless. So now I have to tell everybody we can't vote for Trump after all. Some how Trump seems more accessible than NZF Winston Peters. Mind you that wouldn't be hard. Its like the Brexit thing. Jesus at each others throats over something totally our of our control.

Andrei said...

The USA has fallen down the rabbithole