Monday, August 29, 2016


Phil Twyford spent frustrating years in a long search for the electorate seat he craved as a safety net that subsequent results have proved to be badly needed.

The moron who single handedly removed almost all the goodwill and support Labour enjoyed in the heady days of H1 from the Chinese community in Auckland with his idiotic misuse of Real Estate leaders Barfoot and Thompson raw data in claiming Chinese sounding names were evidence of an Asian invasion. By including names such as Lee, Young, Lowe, Law, Long all with strong links to England where many in my youth were current as surnames with no possible connection to Asian immigration as evidence, he made a serious effort to base changing his surname to Twatford.

This morning on Hosking he used as evidence  his "housing crisis" needing a "state of emergency" as a solution, he used as examples Auckland, Tauranga and Taupo.
Here is the news you vacuous moron, they are all candidates for nomination as places where people wanting affordable accommodation to strike from any list as a pragmatic first step.
Think Gisborne, Masterton, Mataura, Gore, Oamaru, they are towns where the rapidly growing provincial economy needs workers and have lower cost housing.
Of course his people might have to get off the drugs and actually want a job.


Paranormal said...

Isn't it interesting they pick on Taupo for 'unaffordable homes'(TM)

That's the joy of statistics isn't it, they're very good at hiding reality.

There are plenty of affordable homes in the Taupo region - Turangi and Mangakino come to mind, but also in Taupo. The stats however include the multi million dollar holiday homes, of which there are plenty around Taupo, that seriously skew the average. Then again, those beating the affordability drum don't care about truth, they have their own agenda.

The real issue with home affordability is not home values, which is simply a function of building cost and market demand, but the other side of the equation.

pdm said...

You can include Hawkes Bay as a province with affordable housing and available work. My Aunt and Uncle recently sold their 3 bedroom home to move to Summerset for $270,00. They were only 10 minutes walk from the town clock and central city. Plenty of orchardists, packhouses etc looking for reliable, drug free, workers who will turn up on time and do an honest days work.

Houses are even cheaper at Flaxmere and in Waipukurau or Waipawa there are a number under $200,000. Work options are a bit more restrictive in Central Hawkes Bay but they are still there for reliable people.

pdm said...

Oops - the story of my life short of a nought - $270,000.