Tuesday, August 23, 2016

They Ran Away

I don't often link to other blogs but this story is unlikely to make it either in the 'shabby little tabloid' or on gummint funded junk TV.

Don Brash ventured out to Glendene the other day to give a hand to local body canditate David Rankin.  A TVN news crew was in attendance, two cameramen and a reporter.

Out of a car stepped a 'P' inflamed fellow, waving a sword in one hand and dragging a child along with the other.  Brash and Rankin remonstrated with the an and eventually persuaded him to calm down, whereupon he did so, driving away shortly to be arrested.

What a fanatastic story for the six o'clock news.  It has everything. Senior ex politician, up and coming Maori leader, violence, pathos - the lot.

But you won't see it because, at the first sign of danger, the intrepid reporters literally ran away.  Not only did they run away, they locked themselves in their car.It is not know what they did in the car.  Did they feverishly recite passages from the Bible or the Koran?  Did they mumble what they could remember of The Lord's Prayer?

One thing they didn't do was do their bloody jobs,


Redbaiter said...

Should we be surprised to see journalists acting like cowards?

Most of them have been too cowardly to report the truth for decades now.

The Veteran said...

How come they 'just' happened to be there?

Noel said...

Perhaps you could have waited just a tad.

11.45am: Paul Moon! He’s just told me he was indeed at the Rankin launch yesterday with the candidate and Brash. He’s not Team Rankin, but Rankin “asked me to turn up”, and he did.

The man initially approached the three of them, “saying he was the Archangel Gabriel and we shouldn’t walk on the grass. He had bloodshot eyes and was getting hysterical.” He then walked back to his car, returning with a sword, which originally appeared to be a novelty item, but, it became clear as he banged it on the ground, was “solid steel”.

Rankin attempted to calm the man, placing his hand on his shoulder, but to no avail, and the man “was getting more and more agitated”. But he “eventually left and jumped in his car”.

But what of these fleeing television cowards? They may have left earlier, says Professor Moon, “but I don’t know if it’s a case of cowardice so much as the interview was over.”

Did the man seem to know who Brash and Rankin were? “I don’t think he even knew who he was.”

Moon also points out, very reasonably, that “it’s the most harrowing thing to think what that kid’s going through”.

Noel said...

Sorry a tad later
Somewhere in amongst all the post is the actual event.

"11.55am: Rankin’s claims have been called “incorrect and infammatory” by TVNZ’s news boss. Here’s the statement from John Gillespie, in full:

Our team are very surprised Mr Rankin’s version of events. The suggestion that there was danger and that the news team fled the event is incorrect and inflammatory.

On Monday, August 22nd, three TVNZ news staff were scheduled to do an interview with David Rankin and Don Brash concerning Mr Rankin’s council campaign launch on Great North Road, Glendene.

After filming Mr Rankin erecting hoardings and then conducting interviews for both One News and Te Karere, a man pulled up beside the group in a vehicle and asked directions to a local church. Our reporter told the man she didn’t know where this was. The man then parked his car and, accompanied by a boy aged about 7 or 8, approached the group carrying a large ceremonial sword.

Our team said the man was not waving the sword about nor did he appear to have any violent intent. The sword was pointed towards the ground. The boy with the man was smiling and appeared happy. Our cameraman had finished filming by this point and was packing up his gear. Our team said Mr Rankin approached the man, shook hands with him and spoke to him. Our team were by now in their car ready to leave. Dr Brash had left. Mr Rankin got into his car and as he was driving off, rolled down his window and spoke with the team. Our team were the last to leave.

Our team never felt in danger and nor were they concerned about the safety of anyone else. They saw no necessity at the time to call Police.

Mr Rankin made no contact with TVNZ yesterday afternoon, his press release this morning was the first we knew of his concerns.

So there you have it. Is David Rankin a brave victim or an inflammatory opportunist, or a bit of both?"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

My bullshit meter is working overtime here.

First,Mr Rankin does not have a reputation for telling lies. Neither does Dr Brash.

Second, the reporters ought to be fired either way, for cowardice or incompetence, which ever is your pleasure.

If, as is latterly dissembled, they had finished their interview and were packing up when the sword swinger turned up, why on earth didn't they stick around and get the story of the year, LIVE.

"Warrior Beheads Brash'

paul scott said...

When I am King, and this should be soon, Don Brash will be commissioned to accomplish the following.
1/ Write a one page Environmental Act, I will rescind the RMA myself.
2/ Rewrite the Reserve Bank Act. I will demolish the old one.
3/ Enact supervision and limitations of powers of all local Bodies in New Zealand.
4/ Write a one page Race relations Act within the week, and I will demolish the Waitangi tribunal.

Brash remains a refined, gentle and brilliant character
He has had to watch a flim flam Government cave in to each and every demand our tribal superiors..
He has had to watch utter and deep failure over race based appointments, and unwillingness and ineptitude on the housing crisis.
He would not approve I think, but I would build a monument to his hopes for an equitable society

Gerald said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

As will all others from Gerald.

Jerm said...

If it's the cameraman I heard it was, then he's the same guy who travelled into northern Afghanistan in late 2001 by raft via Tazbekistan to cover the early work by the US military/intelligence and the Northern Alliance in their war against the Taliban. He doesn't spook easily. He's definitely not the sort of guy to run away from your average NZ nutter, nor stop recording if there's the possibility of a bit of a scrap.

pdm said...

Paul Scott -as I recall Don Brash wrote the original Reserve Bank Act.