Wednesday, August 31, 2016


A bunch of crats in Brussels have decreed Apple will pay twenty billion euro as penalty and restitution for years of tax evasion.
Not 19.000000001 billion, a nice juicy twenty

No calculation of Apple's costs in its part in the massive turnaround of an economy once in the ballpark with the perenniel life supported Greeks,  just a punitive figure made up to fit the "bastards are rich" meme that has media party 'stating as fact' The Irish are surprised at the extent of Apple's evasion.

A bunch of enlightened Irish politicians got off their ample arses and changed their nations economic direction, now mainly in a concerted reach for lost power  and embarrassment that the bog dwellers could achieve infinitly beyond what the moribund crats deliver for Greece et al, Apple is a targetted victim.

Meanwhile in another unforseen outcome of the UK act "of madness"  Spain, once competing with the feta and olive masters for bottom rung status, are enjoying an extrordinary surge in tourism.
Gee they will be next for the hand brake treatment from the "coke bottle adorned"  crats.


Anonymous said...

Yes, EEC brats. The EEC rules forbid interfering in the taxation matters of their member states. A clear demonstration of why the UK voted for exit although many poms would not have known the reason Bring on a new "Yes Minister" in multiple languages

Anonymous said...

When you join a club you do not make your own rules or try and cheat fellow members. I would not like you on my bridge team..

The EU has poured billions into Ireland over the years to drag that benighted country into the 20th century as was the the 2nd most under developed country in the EU at the beginning.

Try telling it as it as instead of trying to spin everything.....

Loed Egbut Nobacon

paul scott said...

If Anonymous above is correct, that is " The EEC rules forbid interfering in the taxation matters of their member states" Good.
So why would Apple or Ireland bother even replying to the Juncker Islam open borders, rape and collect welfare here club.
Or do they have their own corrupt EU Court, to make up new sovereignty rules as they go along.

Anonymous said...

The tax that was supposed to be paid was by agreement 12.5% .....but as it turned out it was 0.005% which put Apples competitors whose head office are in other EU countries at huge disadvantage. It was an illegal arrangement and I'm sure if you owned a hotel/bar on one side of a local authority line and your competitor was in a another local authority and was charged a just a few dollars for his rates while you were charged several thousand I'm sure you would not be a happy bunny.

However when you point this out to Adolf along with his dyslexic economics you are moderated out of existence..... censorship rules.

Lord Egbut

Johno said...

12.5% is a % of profit. 0.005% is a % of turnover.

Irelands's Corporation Tax is against profit.

I would have thought even a child would grasp this.

Enjoy your holiday, Egbut. I will.

Anonymous said...
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Johno said...

I thought you'd left. Too bad.

Profit generated *where* is the key. Not in Ireland as they accounted, *legally* for their profit outside of Ireland.

Tim Cook: 'He said the 26.1 per cent tax rate the group paid world wide “is a reasonable level”.'

Indeed. Now, go away.

Psycho Milt said...

Profit generated *where* is the key.

It certainly is. The Commission writes:

"Under the agreed method, most profits were internally allocated away from Ireland to a “head office” within Apple Sales International. This “head office” was not based in any country and did not have any employees or own premises. Its activities consisted solely of occasional board meetings. Only a fraction of the profits of Apple Sales International were allocated to its Irish branch and subject to tax in Ireland. The remaining vast majority of profits were allocated to the “head office”, where they remained untaxed."

So, Apple sells consumer shite in various EU countries and tells those countries the sales were all carried out by Apple Ireland. It also reaches an agreement with the Irish government in which most of its profit will be assigned to a non-existent location, leaving only a small part to be taxed by Ireland. All entirely legal, but the EC nevertheless has the right to say "You must be fucking joking, matey" and put the kibosh on it. File under "Tough shit, pal."

Anonymous said...

Careful Psyco......disagree with the consensus and you get expelled from the asylum.

Lord Egbut