Thursday, August 4, 2016


Having  my traditional rights threatened for all the time I have lived here in paradise, over the threat to Hectors Dolphins that rarely venture where most seek to net a few Flounders for the pan, it is with some amazement the Cawthron Institute in Nelson has just doubled the numbers from 7 000 to 15 000  of the long described threatened with extinction mammals.

Akaroa's main destination activity is formed around the Hectors Dolphins and one track to being regarded as a Philistine is suggesting local restaurants put Dolphin Steaks on their menus

Now melons, who would not even have any interest in acquiring their own fresh fish, have been waging a war of frustration against fishing, drilling and even sea kayaking because the remarkably stable population of Hectors close cuz Maui,  that has been claimed whenever an opportunity presents,  to have been 55 for many years.
So is that also just a BS number plucked from god knows where and subject to a correction as well.

Mind you it would be a rather inexact science to count bloody dolphins and at the sametime distinguish the Mauis from Hectors mob should they be sharing space in the oceans.

If Maui Dolphins are so close to extinction why has no-one tried farming the little beggars as it is quite rare for farmed species to become extinct

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