Friday, August 5, 2016


Maybe too accurate and embarrassing for the frail stomachs and fragile spines of the enablers


"You will have to sit down and talk to your son about personal responsibility"

"Yeah right oh, what's his name then?"

Bill  Leak a cartoonist for The Australian news paper is in serious hot water for portraying probably the core issue accompanying the two week rat feast that followed the ABC program on youth detention at a facility in the Northern Territory.
The over the top click bait show where managing a seriously recaltricant  young Aboriginal male with an extensive record of trouble with authority led the TV show to reveal a youth tied in a chair with cloth around his head and compared it all to The alleged treatment of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay where the US processed and detained some really naughty people offshore on Cuba and an equally infamous facility Abu Ghraib in Iraq
In a week where it was revealed that a police woman in Ukraine had died after contracting TB from being spat on her mouth by an infected prisoner, the cloth was a "spit guard" for the safety of facility officers and the youth was in the chair for his own protection from self harm.

Just pause for a moment and ask what other measures could have been employed for a repeat offender to be restrained for the safety and protection of all parties.

The biggest factor that led to that outcome was the breakdown of family and community who failed that young person so talk of  such  unconnected facilities is journalistic  destructive mischief making in the extreme.

Bill Leak's satire encapsulating cartoon was obviously just too close to the root cause of the epidemic being dealt with by authorities of drug fuelled chaos being spawned in the Territory.

There is a serious disconnect between freedom of speech and politically correct hand wringing where being dobbed in is the kneejerk reaction rather than any analysis of what the message being offended by is trying to impart.


The Veteran said...

GD ... there are two sides to every story and I would have liked to have heard the flip side to this one. Why the riot. Why was the boy being placed in the restraint chair, did he have a history of spitting. Was he self-harming?

But no, this all got left behind in the media induced frenzy that followed.

Around 30% of the population of the NT are indigenous although they comprise 95% of detainees. If we think Maori is over-represented in our prison population then reflect on those figures. It can't be racism pure and simple. Rather I suggest it is symptomatic of culture that has completely lost its way and, to be honest, I'm not sure I can see any light at the end of the tunnel. The paternalistic attitude of many Australians to indigenous Australians doesn't help and handout upon government handout has done little to improve their lot ... in fact you can argue it has made the situation worse.

I don't have an answer ... I doubt if anyone has.

Noel said...

The individual was a P user whose had a history of assault.
Ironically during one of the assaults he played the racist card before dropping the guy who wouldn't give him a cigarette.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... TY for some sane comment amid the dross pedaled by the media.

paul scott said...

It takes a bit of will and courage I think to put out a comment like that. I bet this man Leak gets some serious threats from the regressives.
A Beirut University bloke called Barend, wrote on the site “ Breaking Views " [ Muriel Newman ] yesterday about the hands off policy by Police in a hopelessly unruly Aboriginal settlement, town of Aurukun in Cape York, North Queensland.
All the stuff is there.. Booze smuggling, communal violence, horrendous sexual assaults, and alarming child health statistics. They call it the “the Afghanistan of Australia”.
His main point was that this precious business of the black fella society is equal to and different to the rest of Australia. is just woofter pansy sickness.
Barend said that with our precious recognition of the special people , we come to accept rape, violence and drugs which we do not accept in our own society.
This goes further [ my idea ] . The weakling regressive culture in Europe and UK, is apologetic to its Islam colonisers, and seems ready to say sorry that you have to rape and murder us. Its weird, and the pathological thinking here is lead by traitors to humanity like Herr Merkel and brother of the brotherhood Obama..
There are some opinions now that women in particular react to violent aggressors in a passive way. Black Pigeon videos, give a good case for men to inhabit the role of leaders again, and that the Police should treat bad black Joe, as they would Bad white Sam.

I agree. Right now, I am living in a society where, in a family group, a man is expected to lead. We need to accept nature as it is, stop sitting sideways on toilets, and take a firm position of equality, and Society.
Equality does not mean mad and bad ,or unwell people have the right to rape, and pillage and wreck the world they live in.
And if they do, and the going gets tough for them, that is because that is the only way it can work.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... interesting you refer to the Aurukun situation. Pam & I were in that area at the time of the latest 'troubles'. In respect of schooling it's like the lunatics having control of the asylum. Students deliberately setting out to make teaching impossible and succeeding in having the school shut down with staff walking out fearing for their own safety ... the police taking a hands-off approach to law and order issues in the town. In some small respects it's like Kaitaia on steroids.

The comment by Barend that "with our precious recognition of the special people, we come to accept rape, violence and drugs which we do not accept in our own society" sez it all.

We're off o'seas on Monday with friends from Perth. Ask Mary and Ken their solution with Mary having been robbed, pushed to the ground and kicked by aborigines in a Perth supermarket carpark and you get an answer that reflects the views of many ordinary Australians.

gravedodger said...

More evidence of the beatup that is always in the frame where anything the ABC touches.

Paul Murray on Saturday Edition this AM, 'the footage of the youth in the chair is over four years old and that facility has now been replaced'.

Sky News had a reporter recently visit The Don Dale facility with unfettered access.
Spartan and basic but I guess to graduate to this stage requires more than a first offence
I have a feeling that youth from four years ago will be still causing mayhem and the only change will be older, meaner, and more cunning.

Interesting illumination this AM the current facility deals with children as young as ten freakin years old, now that does give some perspective also a warder interviewed as Leon did not give a surname due to threats to staff that directly resulted from the ABC Four Corners expose of two weeks ago.

Journalism my backside, the fact that the current Chief Minister of the Territory being allied to the Coalition did not have any influence.