Monday, August 15, 2016


The world has widely embraced "Privacy" as a treasured notion that has very little fact based foundation.

Used by countless crats  and others paid by taxpayers to decline  access to matters that all too often need to be revealed for eminently reasonable practicable needs.

How many of us have come up against the 'crepe bandage wall' that health workers erect around a patient that may have some residual basis in the privacy of a person  who has not given any consent for such a barrier to be erected. It has been assumed under the we know best meme

I have a dear friend who is in a  battle with consumptive illness who still lives alone here in paradise, lets call him Mate.
Now Mate has a small group of "last of the summer wine" characters who on almost every Monday head up to Mate's house for a happy hour  and we stay for an appropriate time depending on how Mate is feeling and coping with the sometimes ravaging procedures that ensue from treatment.
Mate has no immediate family within nearly a hundred clicks and although they are  an incredible bunch they respect Mate's clear desire to maintain his fierce independence that happens, due in large part from the modern caring public health system supplementing his wonderful efforts in maintaining an impressive level of personal responsibility.

As a community there is incredible support for Mate with food and services being delivered often in spite of any wish on Mates part to be accepting  of such care. Firewood for his Log fire seems to appear at the back door often with the perpetrator being entirely anonymous, likewise a pot of soup a hot pot of stew, all from a love of the man and respect for his place in the village as an elder.

The most likely LoSW to be an unofficial next of kin in situ, we shall call him Mr B has gone off for an annual trip to warmer climes  as has been his wont for over two decades,  so when Mate ended up in respite care after yet another round of what medical science has on offer it was only natural that one of the slightly more youthful of the LoSW , we shall call him 'Cleggy' took it upon himself to inquire as  to Mate's next moves with an offer to provide transport.
Well of course the staff at Pompallier House, bound as  they are by the petty and pathetic interpretation of the well worn blanket of stupid, asked if  'Cleggy" was a close friend in the best guarded traditions that have evolved. The reply was only if 35 years of continual and very close mateship was enough qualification then yes. No evidence required, he could have been a blimmin undertaker just keeping in touch

Now hopefully Mate will rally and along with Mr B, Cleggy and the other good bastards can enjoy many more happy hours unencumbered by a law that seems unlimited in it's various and too often inane application.

Of course as many completely understand, while Privacy is the mantra it has been spectacularly compromised by Google and the other many component parts of the digital revolution.
There was a stunned silence a couple of years ago when a bunch equally qualified to be a sub branch of the LoSW meme  being as fiercely independent as Mate, when I gathered up their recent locations from just putting their cell phone numbers into a google app and could reveal their almost every movement in the last week.
That salient fact is only a minor sector of the information that is collected and authorised by the cursory application that circumvents much privacy when "agree" or "allow" is ticked off to allow access to the next great add-on to modern life.
During the furore that has erupted in the West Isle during the disaster that was IBM's super multimillion deal to count all the Aussies on a particular night, one wag asked, quite correctly in the minds of many, "why did they not just ask Google".

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paul scott said...

Took me a while to realise what distance was in a hundred clicks. Ahha the old wind over odometer. All the best to your friend, he seems to warrant remarkable friendship.

Sometimes I help the giant Emperor Google with his map locations. In return he says
We can look after your addresses, friends, all travels, let you know where you are lost, the way home, all information, we will even hide nasty things you should not see, but not as bad as that mongrel facebook, you never have to think again.