Wednesday, August 17, 2016


 Hot on the heels of an appalling scurrilous attack on the independence and true function of the Statistics Department Head by the one Member with notionally the greatest credentials and opportunity to know better, a certain Rainbow flag bearer who has worked at the heart of the too often maligned and independent public service, the ineptitude of the NZLP continues as it abrogates its statutory function.

Robbo should and does know better that a suggestion  the Statistics dept has on instruction from the government massaged the House Hold Labour force survey figures  is without foundation and totally at odds with the reality.
On the suggestion that reading face book, trade me or any other digital platform could be construed as seeking a job has about as much relevance as accusing a reader of comics being an accessory to murder.
Only a total moron would think such rubbish.

Then to cap another day of incompetence, Little Chrissy from the Hutt Valley hinterland attempted to smash what was a rather cynical use of private Members Bills process by Nuk Korako on advertising lost luggage, with a poorly worded effort that New Boy Korako swatted away with ease.
The Ginga then opened his puny self to a grenade attack intended to hit Nuk but it  exploded in his hand when after his second question had to be repeated due to the derision it deserved not allowing Korako to hear it  and the pathetic wee chap could not remember what he had asked in his supplementary. After Mr Speaker got him back on track he was then buried by  Korako who reminded the House that an extremely unlucky Minister, Clayton Cosgrove had managed to lose three separate Luggage lots and maybe the process suggested in the bill might have been of assistance to a sufferer of such appalling luck.

While there might be some merit in accusing Korako's use of the Private members bill process as cynical tactics but Chrissy's inept use of the little used questions to "Members"  that caused such embarrassing self harm was supreme irony indeed.

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