Saturday, August 27, 2016


A couple of days ago Fintel e-mailed me the renewal notice for my car insurance .... just a 'modest' 28.3% increase on what I paid last year and I'm claim free, except for windscreen damage which doesn't count.   Didn't read right.

Thought I would check with AA Insurance for a comparative quote and was delighted when they offered to write me a new policy on the same terms as my Fintel policy for $202 less.

Went back to Tower (Fintel's parent company) which has all my other insurance (house/contents) and said 'what gives'.    Spoke to a very nice lady who, after taking all the details, put me on hold and said she would be back shortly.   4 minutes and she was.   Upshot ... Tower could write me a policy on exactly the same terms as I had with Fintel for (wait for it) $145 less than I paid the year before which was a massive $337 down on what Fintel was trying to sting me for this time round.

Ok, I know having all your policies with one insurer attracts a discount but I had been assured by Fintel that I was receiving the discount through their association with Tower.

Fintel's lost a customer and I guess they're still wondering why.   Not bothering to tell them but you now know.



paul scott said...

Yes. Punishing existing customers is dumb.
The Monster Vodaphone did regularly offers new customers rates less than existing customers.
Their internet division used to send out letters to people advising them how to make their usage plan cheaper,I mean more expensive. I don't know if they still do this.

My clients at my Veterinary practice would notice the bottom line which had the discount written in for existing clients only.

The Realist said...

Don't mention Vodafone to me. Renewed my credit card and tried for months to get the bastards to update their records to no avail so they cut my phone off
Now a Telecom customer