Thursday, August 11, 2016


1958 Corsair Daten.jpg

Released for 1958  as the flagship model named after Henry Ford's Son, this car is widely acknowledged as possibly the greatest "lemon" ever in the annals of the Auto Industry.
Apart from Trabant, Lada, Zil born out of communist failing in commercial decision making and of course New Zealand's very own Trekka.

It cost Ford millions as they scrambled to overcome the "Edsel" disaster.

Ever since, the word Edsel is synonymous with any attempt to enter a market without understanding just what a disaster could follow. So now such launches are preceded by a multitude of survey type exercises, and consumer research to ensure the next Edsel will never get so far down the track.

Of course all that commercial wisdom is never a part of Political movements and their marketing function in the twenty first century.

Hence the world looks on in wonder and bewilderment as Corbyn, Trump, Merkell, Bulesconi, Sarkosy, Chavez and Billary et al  are released on an increasingly vulnerable public to wreak varying degrees of insane costs of mismanagement, most that could have been avoided had dopey fellow travelers  exercised a modicum of sanity in assessing the merits of one of their own seeking to be head honcho.
The old adage that anyone wanting to be leader should be automatically disqualified.

Malcolm Turnbull, designed and built around the time of the Edsel, is just one more flawed individual who promised much but ended up unmarketable and another failure to add to the list of "Lemons".

As stated previously on this Blog, he is a disaster still searching for where he will finally go over the cliff of failure into the waters of an increasingly turbulent population that deserves better.

Forget his running on the spot waiting for a miracle that will never come that has been his administration since he climbed over Tony Abbott last year, claiming he would communicate better, create a financial climate that would drive The Lucky Country out of it's death spiral and create a relationship to overcome a dysfunctional senate that was a serious roadblock for Abbott and Hockey.
Because it ain't happened yet and a colossal cock up that was the quadrennial census alluded to by Adolf just continues the dive into another "Edsel" as only the latest but by no means the last act of ineptitude.

The self made man who overcame much in his childhood that could have derailed many, photogenic with an apparently endless supply of ego, he continues to burn his support base while making no headway.

Never mind, there is much coming out of Rio to divert attention from the reality for The Not So Lucky Country. What will remain when the scales are removed from the eyes is still to be discovered  but as Retiring Australian Federal Reserve Bank Governor, Glen Stevens suggested yesterday it is getting decidedly darker and any possible GDP growth wont save them from the burgeoning deficits that threaten the international credit ratings.

Some sacred cows that are being treated as the Hindus regard such animals in India, will have to be killed or at least given a very close shave. There seems to be not one single politician with any desire to confront any of the ever expanding federal spend.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

As each painful day passes, Turnbull sounds and acts more and more like Rudd.