Thursday, August 4, 2016


My good 'mate' Redbaiter is constantly warning folks to beware of the lies pedaled in the msm and encouraging us to look elsewhere for the 'truth' .... so I did

The World News Daily Report is an American-Jewish-Zionist newspaper based in Tel Aviv.   Three stories they are currently running caught my eye.

The first here from Florida where 16 girls were found pregnant after a male ejaculated in a backyard swimming pool.

This one here where Yoko Ano said she had an affair with Hillary Clinton in the 1970s will really get all Trump supporters going.

And finally here the story of 16 members of a Japanese whaling crew eaten alive by killer whales near the south eastern coast of South Africa.

Now, if you can't believe the msm and you can't believe the fringe media, what is there left to believe in?  


Andrei said...

Well those examples are not that much different from the quality of the political reporting on the current US Presidential campaign Veteran.

It's all about crying babies and the size of Donald Trump's hands and zero about the problems facing the USA domestically and abroad or how they should be addressed

Meanwhile virtually unnoticed in all this inane babble Barack Obama starts bombing Libya again

We are all in serious trouble as this catastrophe unfolds

Redbaiter said...

Very funny Vet.

Breitbart is not a bad source.

I also find belonging to a forum is not a bad angle.

I was a member of Free Republic for 16 years, but got kicked off recently (along with hundreds of others) for my lack of support and criticism of Donald Trump. (Not for any rudeness, just for arguing against Trump's candidacy.)

The mood there is that you must support Trump because Hillary is just too bad of an alternative to contemplate.

I now belong to The Briefing Room, which is where all the barred FR people have gone. Its really good for coverage and opinion of the US election, both media sourced and anecdotal.

But as for the broadcast networks in the US, and CNN and other cable, or even FOX now which has gone full on Trump, forget it. Like the press, all slanted politically, and completely unreliable.

BTW, I think the Yoko Ono / Hillary story is not quite as incredible as the others. Yoko probably found her more masculine than John Lennon.

The Veteran said...

Red ... your last line is worth bottling.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Go to the top of the class.