Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The Pickering Post.

Forget the mayhem Clive Palmer created with money that  almost certainly originated from Queensland Nickel, now shut down.
Forget what Malcolm Turncoat spent from his private wealth in the dying fortnight of the recent Federal Election  where he turned the large house majority he inherited from Tony Abbott into a single heart attack from having to revisit Sir Peter Cosgrove.
Ignore what Bob Jones did to Muldoon.
Marvel at the millions that Billary has garnered from various international sources that might still all be for zilch in November (yes I read Nate Silver).

The world leaders in how to purchase electoral success may well be the State Monolith of Australia,funded to the tune of billions that has almost destroyed the conservative wing of the Liberals and only allows Turncoat to survive in an apparent certainty he will never reduce the Media  Party  funding in Australia.

The latest clear success chalked up by the ABC branch of the Federal Media Party came last weekend with the destruction of Adam Giles and installation of  "Gunner" the leader of Territory Labor.
The decisive battle came with an ABC Four Corners Expose on excesses at the Territory DON Dale detention centre based largely on evidence that predated Giles election three years ago. Forget the Giles CLP administration had closed the complex where the Abu Graib imagery was sourced from and  replaced it with a new facility.

The demise of the once vaunted "Fourth Estate" that once stood with the citizenry as a bastion of restraint and revelation plus the also rapidly crumbling "free Speech" building block of democracy that allows the residents of the ABC ivory tower with their inflated egos,  inherent selfbelief in their infallibility and incomes to match, to have pivotal electoral success in promotion of their lefty candidates across the democratic free world. Yes any casual reading of the ABC propaganda has wholesome support for the EU, Billary, and more inexplicably the rise of Islam and of course Bully Shorton Brains, union backed Labor.  Unions that include the churnalists who run the asylum called The ABC
Here in Nu Ziland we have a less successful media party but give them time, they are on a parallel path as exemplified last election with the resigned statement on TV from Sue's little battler spawn; "no matter what WE do the polls just don't seem  to move".

As usual Larry Pickering makes the case with a little cartoon, just as Bill Leak summed up the dysfunctional effects of Aboriginal Family as his accurate portrayal of the base ingredient of the Four Corners garbage that made Adam Giles demise a political certainty.
Time will reveal what Gunna will do in his administration, one certainty however The ABC will be cheer leading all the way and if the idiot Turnbull had not over reacted with his moronic kneejerk Royal Commission response, Don Dale would just carry on with no further media scrutiny, well not from the ABC anyway.


Redbaiter said...

Yes, the ABC has been taken over by a gang of corrupt left wing crooks.

And it has been thus for decades.

Yet nobody from the Liberal Party has had the balls to do what has to be done there.

Just as no one from the National Party has the balls or the drive or the political passion to deconstruct RNZ and sell off TVNZ.

Also, there is too much money flowing in a river of vested interest.

Corrupt overpaid public servants in bed with corrupt overpaid politicians.

How the staff captured the ABC

And as usual, National and the Liberals too stupid to latch on to the gradualism strategies of the left. They have never had a counter strategy.

paul scott said...

Thanks for this post dodger. I like the syntax, especially the @ Media party.
But for the life of me I can not find out who Sue's little battler spawn is.
So I looked up Google, It said, 'Refer Dodger'

gravedodger said...

Sue bradfords bouncy little girl misnamed a political reporter said to be a sometime good mate of silent T