Monday, August 29, 2016

Nero and Rome

You can always pick the failing salesman by his devotion to administrative duties.

Thus it is with politicians.

Today Australia is in recession and All Turnbull and Shorten can talk about is same sex marriage and black fellas' rights to not ever be offended.

So, thank your lucky stars you have a National PartyPM leading a gummint which oversees a thriving economy.  Everything else is a sideshow.


paul scott said...

But it is commonly held that Immigration here in NZ, is used improperly to bolster the economy and GDP figures. My list of Immigration figures Visa and Residency are still within research, but we do allow people in to non essential positions.
Immigrants 80,000 net last year, mostly to Auckland where 10,000 homes were built.
Immigrants who are qualified at an agreed and positive formula is fine.
We do not need Muslim immigrants at all.
Tony Alexander says @ We need a massive inflow of builder Immigrants to build houses in Auckland for the massive number of Immigrants.

There are many signs that Nanny Nat is asleep./
Pays off tribal leaders in massive quantities./
Indulges in racial preference, making our society inequitable and unequal.
RMA = more treaty tricks./ Housing crisis ./ Borrowing massive amounts of money, /
Corporate welfare [with interesting reasons ]./
Reserve Bank structure../
Inability to constrain mad Councils appointing unelected tribal positions./

There is going to be a wake up from her nice dream for Nanny Nat late next year.
First Ministers out of office should be Whitehouse and Finlayson.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Paul, I'm not quite sure what you mean by a 'wake up.'

Do you mean national will lose the election? I doubt it. Not with a burgeoning economy, healthy prices for dairy exports and low unemployment.

And of course you don't think there might be some nice juicy tax cuts at just the right time?

David said...

Still waiting for the Mad Monks's Resurrection, I see. All Abbott had to sell was fear, and you bought his whole line of it.

Just what form of economics do you understand, Adolf? A recession is 2 quarters of decline in GDP Growth.


1st Q up 3.0%
2nd Q up 3.1%

Both those results were above forecast. Only you and Judith Sloan could see a recession in that.

This is also well above the NZ GDP growth of 0.7% in the last 2 quarters.

A plebiscite on same sex marriage is an issue that Turnbull & Co ran in their campaign, so he now has to find a way to make it work. Labor campaigned on a parliamentary vote on a Bill to brought to the House and has its electoral mandate to do so. Now, we see who can get the numbers; that's how a Parliamentary Democracy works, donchaknow.

This has been episode 3,326 in the ongoing series "Educating Adolf".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The real Australia, that is productive Australia, is in recession. Your beloved GDP figures simply reflect a burgeoning and useless public service. Straight out of Helen Clark's playbook. But you're probably not old enough to remember how productive NZ was in recession six months before anyone heard those magic words 'Global Financial Crisis.'

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Further to last.

On educating David

It's a good idea to learn the difference between YDT GDP and per quarter GDP. No wonder you seem to suffer from interminable collywobbles when you can't tell apples from pears.

Redbaiter said...

Turnbull and his cabinet are such cheap liars.

Say they can't spare the time to fix 18C because of the need to focus on jobs and economy.

Yet they can spend time on redefining traditional marriage, just to appease the usual bunch of cultural Marxist loudmouths.

This attempt to push such an obvious lie betrays what they really think of the voters, They think we're fools, and they think they're elitists who know better.

Fuck all progressive politicians, and the horses they rode in on.

Turnbull and his Textor style sycophants should have absorbed a vital lesson from the recent Australian election, but their arrogance stands in the way.

The clear message to the electorate is, don't vote for major parties. Otherwise they will think you approve of them, and continue with their dictatorial arrogance, their messing in things that do not concern them, and their spending and their regulating. And they're coming after your money to pay the massive debt they have built up.

Labor/ Liberals/ Labour/ Nationals. Kick them all out. Arrogant lying progressive/ communist scum.

David said...

Adolf, you made the claim that Australia was in recession. When I did economics, a recession was defined as two successive QUARTERS of negative growth, not two years.

Now, how about you be a good boy and write out your lines.

David said...

Worried of Tauranga complains that a (to him) foreign government is redefining traditional marriage but I am sure is incapable of defining what a "traditional marriage" is and why it cannot be redefined.

The Australian Marriage Act was only passed in to law in 1961, hardly time to make it a tradition.

The bit the we all know Worried of Tauranga means by traditional marriage was only incorporated in Marriage Amendment Act 2004. ow "traditional" is that?

Traditional marriage means different things in different countries, in different cultures and in different religions.

Traditional marriage includes:

Child marriage.
Arranged marriage.
Polygamous marriage.
Paying of a Bride Price.
The woman becoming the property of the husband.

Not all of these feature in all traditional marriages, but try telling an Indian father he may not pick his daughter's husband and you will be accused of "redefining traditional marriage".

Try telling a 48 year old Pakistani that he may not marry his 10 year old niece and you will be accused of "redefining traditional marriage".

Worried of Tauranga is simply an authoritarian who thinks the entire world must conform to his narrow, blinkered view inspired by cultural tyranny.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, you are worse than a cracked record.

If you have nothing worthwhile to say, you should say nothing.

I repeat. In reality, Australia is in recession but the reality is hideen by the burgeoning public sector, both in numbers employed and in salary levels.

Get used to it, old chap. Your country is fucked.