Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Neither Common Sensus Nor Brains

Or so it seems in the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Yesterday was census day which, for the first time, was carried out largely online.

Adolf completed his census at 0600 r thereabouts but at 1900 there started a series of major outages.  It is reported that a hacker or hackers engaged in a disruption or service campaign whereby millions of bogus messages were sent, causing the ABS computers to have a mental breakdown.

Some commentators are asserting the census has been rendered useless as very large number of people have been unable to take part.  I couldn't comment on that because I don't know enough of the detail.

However, it is pretty obvious that thee electronic census process has been a shambles.  Just another nail in the coffin of an already dead prime minister.  How on earth could a federal government organisation, with pretty well unlimited funds at its disposal, have produced such a dog of a system that was not secure from hackers.

No wonder people didn't want to divulge their full names.


Noel said...

Hackers may have disrupted things but the wont have got much. The census is encrypted to 128 bit which puts it on par with Government Departments and banks to name a few.

If they have broken that then there is more to worry about than a denial of service attack.

Noel said...

I should have added you can only protect against denial hacks that are known.
Plausable that this was a new algorithm specically for this attack.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Actually it's beginning to look as though there was no hack. Just gross incompetence on the part of officials who totally underestimated demand during the peak hours of 7 to 9 p.m.

paul scott said...

Its the baptists. People want the baptists named and shamed for having old churches, so naturally there was a rush to get their names and addresses. Does anyone know who if anyone is pushing forward from this huge front bench .

Noel said...

Adolf you should be praising them for taking quick action not sniping from the sidelines.

Gerald said...

Noel give him some slack. There a lot of strange Australian who think its a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 8:08

Sorry but I no longer accept anonymous comments. Get a nom de plume and read the rules about good manners.

Gerald said...

Anonymous and non de plume both default to incognito.
So that leaves he/she said something you don't want us mere mortals to debate

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Weil no, Gerald.

You are becoming tiresome, now piss off.