Monday, August 8, 2016


God is she still around.

Labour  Party trougher of decades, living proof of the abject failure of the party of nostalgic memory to renew, will present a petition to the Presidium of The Village of The Damned to remove "Fast Food" outlets from sites near schools.

To make the local NZME news, just how many signatures from a city of nearly half a million souls would be needed?
One hundred thousand, ten thousand, one thousand, no a mere one hundred and seventy, yes folks one hundred and seventy with no account of how many might wear tinfoil hats, be functioning idiots sleeping rough,  or IQs lower than their waistline in inches.

No mention of the dispossession of property rights, no definition of what constitutes "fast food", only a nefarious and suspect little catch phrase supported by a woman who first came to notice in the days when it was "reds under the beds" as an aide to Kerry Burke later a speaker and later still the vacuous chair of the dysfunctional Ecan sacked after nineteen years of failure to find and enact a comprehensive water policy for Canterbury.

Dyson's career is notable for a bent elbow that led to her disgrace as a minister of the crown  after a run in with drink driving.

I am wondering how many might sign a petition removing the woman in question from public life where she interferes with entrepreneurs trying to make a dollar while she continues to make a nice little number at the taxpayer filled  trough  hard working battlers are forced to contribute the funds to finance.

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