Friday, August 5, 2016

Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm, Have You Thought About Giving It Up

Apart from the media luvvies who are rooting for an idiot clearly in the wrong party as  day by day he destroys the Australian Liberal Party, while the historic conservative wing of the once great party that has stood for all that made the Lucky Country the Poster Child of the Western World, seem frozen in the headlights.

Since the dawn of the twentieth century when the separate colonies of Australia were brought together as six states in a Federation (it's design includes space and provision for NZ statehood)  the nation has had a special place in creation of a successful member of the world community in almost any facet that is measured.
Sport, commerce, trade, banking, military, agriculture, grazing,  exporting, literature, music, architecture, diplomacy, minerals it is very likely that an Australian has made an indelible mark on History along the way.
A Nation that began from a scattered race of wandering people who are possibly amongst the longest surviving culture untouched by settlement who found their sanctuary assaulted when the British Empire found the Ideal place to export their convicts to, as a solution to over crowding of their domestic penal nightmare.
Add in Irish and Scots who were impoverished and  dispossessed in their homelands of the United Kingdom and it quickly becomes apparent that the genetic origins of Australian settlement were a driven bunch with fierce determination to succeed in the  harsh  Island Continent.

A challenging climate, bushfires, combined with large areas of hinterland where death from heat and dehydration was a constant threat and the term Aussie battler becomes apt to a point of obvious.

Politically such people who defied the odds and succeeded, ended with the defeat of John Howard by the pinup blonde headed narcissist Keven for 07 Rudd in 2007 when The ALP slid the second longest serving Prime Minister out of office with the added insult of even taking Johnnie's Bennelong seat to boot.
Howard who's time  began back in the days following The Governor General Sir John Kerr dumping Gough Whitlam  as Federal PM and installing Malcom Frazer. When the phenomena that was Bob Hawke unceremoniously delivered utu to Frazer there ensued a musical chairs in The Liberals that saw Howard elected as leader of the opposition twice, along with Andrew Peacock and John Hewson. Howard  was dumped when he failed to defeat Hawke, a task akin to The Wallabies winning the Bledisloe Cup, only for a triumphant return to defeat Hawkes Finance Minister and successor Paul Keating and go on to win four general elections on the trot only to fall to KRudd.

Modern federal politics in Canberra is a bearpit of destructive overspending unaffected by whoever has the treasury keys. Rudd was knifed late in a first term by a redheaded union backed Sheila, Julia Gillard who after one term was also brought down in a bloody coup by a resurgent Rudd in the leadup to the 2013 Federal bun fight with victor Tony Abbott who had defeated a seriously deficient Malcom Turnbull as Leader of the opposition four years earlier.
Two thirds of his way through a first term Abbott government panicking tyros were motivated to make a lurch to the left and reinstate Turnbull forgetting every lesson the dysfunction that Rudd/Gillard/Rudd again delivered to the ALP to consign them to opposition , on a spurious as it turned out threat that a West Australian Liberal seat of Canning that had become vacant from death,  would fall to the ALP.

Since that misguided and wrong on so many fronts act of stupidity the Liberal/National coalition has barely kept treading water or as one wag suggested, created a new Olympic sport of  "running on the spot".
After Nine months of an administration marked still by only one notable action, the knifing of Abbott who bequeathed a twenty seat majority only to see it end up after an early Double Dissolution designed to end a Senate of obstruction by nine cross bench members, with a single seat Majority in the lower house.
Turnbull will need C & S from rural Queensland oddity Bob Katter and a Senate with eleven Cross bench members includes four sitting under the One Australia banner of Pauline Hansen and three who won under Lefty Nick Xenophon from South Australia.
Frying pan into fire does not adequately describe just how Turnbull's demolition is going.

The lurching from crisis to crisis continues with all sorts of mismanagement following recent exposure of troubled Aboriginal Youth detention in the Northern Territory, First nation peoples domestic dysfunction,  appointment of a Royal Commission who then resigned to be replaced with a jurist and a Aboriginal activist with clear bias and no legal qualifications, a firestorm over a satirical cartoon, a full on divergence of how to cope with a plebiscite on same sex marriage, the total demolition of Greyhound racing in NSW by a supposedly allied Liberal Premier, and a threatened recession that the RBA has answered with a cut to the cash rate. An event that has Malcontent threatening to annually call the CEOs of the four major banks before a committee where dumbarse MPs will be flannelled by experts for failing to pass on all of the ever diminishing cut to the prime rate.
Meanwhile back on the reservation that is the Federal Parliament there is a "Phoney War" on with everyone sitting around waiting for the shooting to start.
The biggest event since the disaster that was the very flawed cockup over the early election that saw Turnbull almost tipped up by Shorten has been another train wreck in the form of K Rudd attempting to get Government support for a tilt at the top UN job that falls vacant in December when Banki Moon steps down. Before he was dumped Abbott had given his blessing to Helen Clark's candidacy and it is now revealed that in return for a few more pieces of silver Turnbull had given commitment to support for an as then secret deal in support  of KRudd.  Moves Turnbull made great efforts to keep secret until his doomed DD election was done and dusted

I understand that for some months Belgium was without a government in a hiatus of electoral confusion and some remarked was that such a bad thing but it would appear that Malcom's idea of government is almost non existent apart from responding to media induced crises.

High time Mr Turnbull to pee or get off the Pot, your once great nation is headed for bankruptcy,  your restructured Senate seems poised to smash any remnant of liberal conservatism and your only way out could end with a Grand Coalition with the ALP and it is certain Billy Unionist will want your job you never should have stolen in the second place.

It is increasingly being mooted Turncoat is "unfit for office of PM", hard to argue with that.


paul scott said...

The Australian [ aug 05 ] Ms Hanson and Mr Roberts have signalled that they are willing to consider the ABCC bill, giving the government growing confidence that it can get the changes through the Senate by striking amendments with key players such as Nick Xenophon, who has emerged with three votes in the upper house.
However, liberal pansy Turnbull will be poncing around reality on other social issues. He is directly responsible for this unsympathetic Senate.
Senate Social Conservatives are,
One Nation [ 4 votes ] then also the Xenophon team [3], .and Derryn Hinch, Justice party [ 1 ] . Family First Bob Day [1], Jacqui Lambie [1] ,
That makes 10 of 11 cross benchers social conservatives, not including the Libertarian and less Government Senator, Leyonhjelm
Team Xenpophon, noteable for their campaign against gambling machines. Gambling is a big addiction a big disease in Australia.
New 2016 Senate is
Gov 30 / Opp 26 / Greens 9 / One Nation 4 / NXT 3 / and Senators Day, Lambie, and Hinch
This post similar to one I put on Kiwipropaganda blog , but corrected here due to influence and training by Red

gravedodger said...

That is fine and dandy Paul but Turnbull's comment that Pauline Hansen was not welcome in the Parliament might have put serious upwards price pressure in situ.
He has not set up well with Xenophon either

The guy is a total moron and out of his depth.

Just as in the US the people don't deserve this.