Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Not sure I get this.   The 'nice' Mr Little said that "Government support for the (Unitary) plan's housing provisions showed it was more out of touch than anyone expected".

Last time I looked Auckland was 'privileged' to have a Labour Mayor along with 'Left' aligned Council.

Seems to me Labour is putting the boot into its own people in accusing them of getting it wrong.   One is entitled to ask if Labour thinks it's own people are failing Auckland then what chance a bunch of Chardonnay Socialists from Wellington getting it right ... answer - 'fat'.


paul scott said...

I am only seeing it all from a distance, but it seems that there is something utterly catastrophic going on in this Council here. In fact all over New Zealand. Some kind of huge bureaucratic rot which requires massive surgical resection. Much more than hanging a few people,like Rodney. A massive citizen revolution against a cardboard Government which seems apathetic to any proper action even in absolute emergency. I am glad I do not have a son or daughter looking to buy a house in Auckland. I could not help them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your kids don't need your help. All they need to do is buy on the edge for a start and aim to be closer to the middle after ten years or so.

That's the way it has been for over fifty years.

What they DO need is for Auckland council to be sacked and replaced with a commissioner. That move alone may well reduce prices slightly in anticipation of more land being released for subdivision.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... don't get me going. I have some small knowledge of local government. I know some of my old colleagues in the 'industry' will take issue with me over this but can I suggest the rot started when the government agreed to grant Councils the 'power of general competence' sold on the basis that Councils could be trusted to do the right thing. Up until then Council's functions were mandated by legislation i.e. the Act set out what Councils could do. The POGC means that Councils can do whatever they liked subject only to any limitations set down in legislation. The result ... Councils moved to expand out from their core function ... the provision of infrastructure and basic services. The problem was exacerbated by 'planners' running riot assisted by a plethora of lawyers growing fat on arguing the toss over the application of the RMA. That's the genesis of the problem and there's no quick fix solution on the horizon ... when National lost it's majority the chance of any meaningful RMA reform went out the window such is the reality of MMP government.

Anonymous said...

Don't reform the RMA. Put it to death.


Redbaiter said...

Veteran as usual does propaganda for the failed National Party, that's the anti-socialist/ communist party started by Sid Holland but now taken over by left wing progressives/ socialists barely distinguishable from those who inhabit Labour. Except maybe the Nats are, as John Key says, a bit more progressive.

The RMA was mainly pushed into being by the Nats, and even though they now know it was a mistake, they don't think it was much of a mistake and the reason little has been done about it is not because of the vagaries of MMP but rather because the Nats do not have the will. Don't forget Nick Smith, its main proponent, is also the leader of the Blue Greens faction within the Nats.

Yes, that's right, the Nats have a miniature Green Party within the confines of their own party. Harsh truth is the Nats are not going to fix the RMA or anything really.

And while they talk about freeing up land and cutting regulation, in the background they beaver away at just the opposite. Recent Health and Safety regulations being another stark example.

And all of these regulations have a cost impact on doing business, and also a practical impact that again increases cost, so the truth is nothing is really done, the mire just gets worse and we get more bogged down.

Govt continues to cost more, our goods and services become more noncompetitive globally and in the meantime we send bureaucrats on costly missions overseas to shore up trade with dodgy agreements that are in reality worthless, for we really can't compete at all carrying the burden of thousands of parasitical bureaucrats writing millions of words of regulations and adding billions to the cost of doing anything in NZ.

Auckland is a disaster because the govt controls the economy. To keep up the illusion that socialism is a viable system, thousands of immigrants must be brought in to boost GDP and make it look like Key and his commies are "good economic managers".

Meanwhile, in true Progressive style, anyone who objects to this over-loading of our services and destruction of our culture is termed a xenophobe. While the Nats lie and dodge and duck to try and cloud the truth that it is the over-immigration they are purposefully engineering that is behind all of Auckland's problems.

Unitary plan blah blah blah, its all meaningless and minutiae we don't need. What we need is govt out of the economy. It will happen one day. Not in a very pleasant way though. As Argentinians are finding out.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Red ... you can add 'failed history 101' to your long list of other failing. Sid Holland didn't start the National Party. He wasn't even their first leader. That honour went to Adam Hamilton, former Reform MP, who held office until 1960 when Holland took over ... so stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.

The RMA was pushed into being by Labour and yes, National supported it at that time. Contrary to your blah, blah, blah you do need planning laws otherwise your home could end up next door to a tannery or suchlike. But times change and the Act needs updating and changing because, as it stands, the Act is an impediment to change and. like the Waitangi Tribunal, has spawned a whole bunch of lawyers grown rich on arguing the toss. My Party was committed to change. Problem was Labour/NZ First/Greens.Maori/UF had and have the votes to stymie it. So, bang on about it as much as you like and continue to demonstrate your ignorance.

Try telling the families of the 23 forestry workers who have died in the last five years that NZL doesn't need H&S law. You're all piss and wind.