Tuesday, August 9, 2016



A  remarkable example of Maoridom.


Born a princess in the Royal House of Mahuta,  here is a wonderful example of much that troubles her Race.

Not content to merely be an example of image, where year on year medical advice suggests over weight is a time bomb for Maori with  heart disease, diabetes, joint failure, osteoarthritis, cancer, breathing impairment, image stress et al,  this heredity leader of Tainui has re-packaged her image with a face scribble.

It might make her fell better about herself however it won't make a blind bit of difference to how her image will continue to create false expectations for her 'People'.

The weight level, the alleged work-shyness, the entitled attitudes, the supping at the taxpayer trough while bemoaning all the problems that afflict Maori will not be changed one whit by her new packaging.

Members of her 'people' who emulate her chosen rebranding will encounter barriers to employment should they attempt, possibly on the cheap, to make their appearance less attractive to entrepreneurs wanting to hire front of house staff. Unless of course it is The Tamaki Brothers Model Village, Whakarewarewa mud holes  or some other ethnic enterprise wanting to inject some historic reality .

Now, had Nanaia gone to University and gained a doctorate in engineering, medicine, horticulture or some other discipline that might advance the whole nation and 'her people" along for the ride, she might have actually made a difference but indulging her whimsy in face painting no matter how relevant or traditional is just another Tuku's underpants moment from one so well set up to sort her people out.

I guess she lauds this other apologist who can't see the wood for the trees.
leonie pihama 1
Associate professor at Waikato Uni Leonie Pihama.

She wants us all to take responsibility for mongrel Maori's  with an excess of the warrior gene combined with the primitive historic biological instinct to kill the offspring of a previous sire, in the almost weekly killing of another defenseless part Maori baby/toddler.

Sorry Leonie and Nanaia, Sir Apirana had it correct when he preached that welfare would be destructive for "His" people and they were the ancestors of those you and too may other leaders of Maoridom decline to see at risk in 2016

Killing Maori young is down to your village and changing your personal packaging and labeling will not cut it


Johno said...

Well said, and on the same theme check out Alan Duff's superb effort:


Sadly I don't expect this will be appreciated by those who need to take not of it.

paul scott said...

They make face up like that to eliminate possibility of sexual attraction, and thus breeding.
I watched a film last night that had evidence that all of us from Europe 100,000 years ago, have Neanderthal genes 2%. Apparently they Neanderthals had good disease immunity, but wiped out in the next wave of homo sapiens like people from Africa. But it just shows that cross sub species banging has been going on.

Anonymous said...

Yup PS...it looks like you are the living proof that "cross sub species" banging has been going on. Either that or you watch too many films.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

Face scribble.

You really are a nasty piece of work.