Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Fresh from a horror rocky show where Little Andy called a significant bunch of his dwindling foot soldiers  right wing, today he toddled down to Vic and introduced on the student radio a bribe that makes everything that went before fade into insignificance.

Student debt incurred when study is undertaken and the taxpayers pick up most of the cost is in the billions somewhere around fifteen Billion recently quoted, that is the supposedly recoverable bit not the spend that is already incurred on behalf of hard working drones many who never went near the local school for bone carving, language creation, rewriting history, welfare manipulation, and expanding the grievance industry, all projects without end that rack up the spend of Taxpayer funds every day.

There are many rorts that can delay and even avoid ever repaying the money advanced by the state, now in a blatant bribery and corruption announcement on student radio an elected Labour /Green  swill seeking state beneficiaries will forgo the debt owed if the student goes to work in the provinces for a state union controlled bureaucracy.

New industry for co-bludgers, Adviser in receiving  back money owed to taxpayers; AIRBMOTT.

Obviously thought up on his way to the radio date in the limo and so wrong on so many fronts.

A big slap in the face for the thousands who regarded the extremely generous and largely free loan scheme if the borrower plays the game as binding who paid their loans back.

A big slap in the face of every entrepreneur who borrows from a bank to enter a business with no part in the loan rort and signs their life away to the bank as security.

An even bigger slap in the face for all the industrious hard working scrabbling workers who used to vote tribal labour.

A shameless bribe that will be extremely attractive in extinguishing a debt in exchange for a meaningless commitment to work in a union fund contributing public service created job with the added bonus of getting normally too stupid to vote Generation Me to actually vote.
And where will these Provinces be designated, Mangere, Henderson, the Hutt Valley?

Yeah I know it is not yet policy but does any taxpayer really think it wont become the next great political bribe that muggins taxpayer will be forced to fund.


Anonymous said...

The French health system is one of the best in the world always comes in under budget and makes the UK and NZ models look stoneage.. Agency nurses in the the UK cost £50 an hour but the nurses are still paid a pittance. Surgeons regularly earn £5000 for a Saturday mornings work. This is the true rort on the taxpayer.

If you study to become a doctor or any other professional in France and the state pays your way you must work in the health system for number of years on bricklayers wages which are pretty good anyway. If you pay your own tuition fees then you are free to start your own practise when qualified. There is nothing wrong with exchanging tuition for labour. It's good for the country and good for those who do not have the wherewithal to enter the higher education system.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

JC said...

Yep.. the regions really really need thousands of political studies and gender studies students in local govt to deliver fit for purpose water and sewerage services.


Noel said...

Whats the difference between reducing ones student loan by job binding and the current scheme introduced in 2009? Both use taxpayer money.

Gerald said...

Err the 2009 initiative was Nationals?

gravedodger said...

The Nat 2009 initiative was targeted at graduate needed in Medicine Veterinary engineering and met known and understood shortages.
That is seriously different and more sensible than the "Job creation and union enhancement" inherent in the Brain fart that even his education attack poodle knew nothing about.

Noel and Gerald please do not assume to connect my opinions to National or any other Party, by all means attack my belief in right of center political ideology, that is becoming increasingly awol in some National policy wonks thinking who seem to have less than a passing working knowledge of their Party's founding principles.
The profiles of too many resemble Groucho Marx in that if you don't like their principles they have others.