Friday, August 26, 2016


 Westpac Bank hangs on in Fairlie, Ranfurly and another 15 areas as ANZ, BNZ, CBA trading here as ASB and the benefit clearing outfit known as Kiwibank are long gone or never turned up, all escape the negativity and bank bashing from a moronic media and the residents who should know better.

Yes there will be some "victims" but why should the shareholders and staff of the last bank standing be pilloried for their management taking the only economically sensible decision, one that probably could have been taken decades ago.

Instead of the sight of school pupils "Marching" in protest how much more beneficial to their development to have a study on the simple reasons why many so called customers having a relationship with the Fairlie Westpac bank that has scant personal visits to the place that costs an arm and a leg to manage and staff,  makes remaining open a stupid and economically destructive decision.
Of course that would need teachers to have a minimal understanding as to how the real world works, possibly not a goer for the third sex. Far easier to give the last banking corporate standing a good kicking as a capitalist greed inspired entity that has no empathy for struggle street.

I have an account with BNZ, the only Bank within some seventy Kms here in Paradise but my main contact with the big four, is ANZ in the city. That in itself is rather ironical in that after a relationship of over thirty years with ANZ when insolvency was never far from reality on far too many occasions and indeed when the Douglas reforms had us technically bankrupt, we staged a recovery by off farm employment that rapidly restored our fortunes, requiring a review of our relationship. Appointment made and kept only the moronic account manager, who had not yet worked out that being sent to Masterton was the broadest hint that he was hopeless, was late and in fact not yet back from a long lunch. We waited until some 27 minutes passed and the moron came into reception, totally ignored our presence, picked up his messages and went into his "Office" leaving the door open. He then proceeded to answer the most pressing message in his estimation and argued with his missus about dinner, then another phonecall at which point we got up and left  a very embarrassed receptionist alone. Long story short went to the then National Bank where a snooker playing club mate was in the chair and asked if another doubtful client history could be added to his list and ten minutes later went out with a temporary Check Book and an assurance all would be completed forthwith. Five days later when the ATM indicated all had not happened, a phonecall to mate had his illuminating reply, we should spare a thought, we were one of five who had made the same move 'that day'.

A letter to John later Sir John Anderson saw said moron moved to an even clearer hint he was dogtucker and a great relationship with the Barclays subsidiary ensued only to have the mortification of their being swallowed by ANZ, however  we have avoided contact with the moron, maybe he finally found his niche as a breast feeder of a shovel or a lollypop operator.

When "Z" departed Akaroa it seemed to be rather a slap in the face particularly when we see endless adverts on TV what great corporate citizens they  would wish to be seen as but following their departure Paradise is better served, Nelson Petroleum Distributors who alongside Brian Little can deliver fuel at city prices and offer a gold card discount to boot.
It may seem a bad decision Fairlie but it is progress so suck it up and find a way around it,  your protest is being very unfair to Westpac while you ignore all the other providers who either left years ago or never came to your aid ever. Do you miss the maternity home, the railway,  the flour mill, the night cart, I could elaborate.
Fairlie though has one of the very best PIE SHOPS, situated on the service lane east side of Hwy 8 south of the Junction with Hwy 79.

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Anonymous said...

My experience with banks a numbers of years ago typifies what banks are up to. I was applying for a short term overdraft. The little pick that interviewed me said I should be saving more and insisted I take $1,000 bond he offered - hinting-no overdraft unless I did. Did not tell him I had quite a few shares and agreed. Switched banks a year later and further year later found the bond had tanked; banker having pocketed his %
Banks are there to sell products not to sell service - fair weather friends