Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ignorance and Hypocricy

Adolf has just completed the online Australian census.  It took about half an hour.

There was a question on 'religion.'

I was asked if my religion was Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, Uniting, Buddhist, Islam etc.

The idiots at the Australian Bureau of Statistics don't seem to know the first five are not religions but denominations of one religion, Christianity.

Why was I not surprised to notice Muslims were not asked to specify whether they were Sunni or Shia?

This country really has gone to the shit house.


Noel said...

On the brighter side "no religion" appears this time and at the top of the list.

gravedodger said...

Sunni and Shia could equate to Rome and Antioch or Catholic and Orthodox. Then there are the many splinters of both those, Anglican from Rome when Harry couldn't accommodate his lusty desires of the flesh, to be followed by the various reformations that spawned some enlightened and others still being created in todays sects where total subservience is required. Eastern Orthodox has as many or more.
Then there are a smorgasborg of sects that have been around for centuries and have been bashed by Orthodox and Islam, distrusted and hated by purists from both sides. eg Yazidis whose religious origins predate the beginnings of Islam.

Even modern Jewery maintains a bunch that in modern Israel are tolerated in spite of some truly puzzling portrayals that spill into the Knesset causing some bizarre pressures on their coalitions.

You make a valid point Adolf as there are amongst the two main constantly warring sides in Islam another layer of conflicting and warring bunches of mad mullahs seeking relevance. Assad is Alawite, Saudi has Wahabi then there is Sufi. One bunch of so called Islamists in Pakistan, Ahmaddiyas are refused consent to make the Haj to Mecca because they have been declared to be non Muslim.

However your point is beyond any recognition by the simple bureaucratic census boffins as such heresy is likely to lead to big trouble and the ruling elite do all they can while cowering, not to offend a mad Mullah or Immam, things are bad enough now.
Don't mention the War, eh Basil.

footnote, what is Xenophon on about refusing to participate in the census on privacy issues?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

As far as I'm aware he is not refusing to participate. Just refusing to supply his name. Many people have some concern about that and I think with some justification.

Gerald said...

He doesn't like the fact that his name and address will be stored by census people for for four years instead of the usual 18 months.
Does it really matter because I don't know anyone who truthfully fills in the income question.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You must be bloody lonely.

gravedodger said...

Ta Adolf I only caught a promo clip with The Greek Godfather holding a cellphone and a brief comment.

paul scott said...

No its because they are sick of Baptists, everyone is sick of baptists. Baptists have been nothing but trouble since they invented themselves, and started pouring water on people all around the show. There are a lot of baptists in Australia , a lot of them away up in Cape York and across. The worst thing about Baptists is they have churches which are especially ugly brick 1950's style, and so it is no wonder that the persecutions are about to begin, and the State wants their names and addresses. .