Sunday, August 14, 2016


As an early riser even when such an act of insanity can make certifiable eminently likely, on Sunday mornings I find I am listening to omnibus collections of Mike Hosking, Leighton Smith et al.

This week with Chris Lynch filling Smiths slot, Newstalk replayed a call from the week passed from the female partner of a south Auckland Cop with a supervisory role as a "Team leader", taking issue with Lynch's click bait rants on Police response to Burglary and other lower level crime.
What a great rebuttal she gave.
As with any activity whether it be crime, law, medicine, ambulance, fire, or even the dog catcher, to have sufficient resource to prevent any incident becoming a problem with response times would require a latent capability that would be in total defiance of what might make even the most ardent "spender of other peoples money",  blanch or at least pause for a moment.

Burglary is too often just an insurance scam or  discovered too late for any reasonable forensic to remain and as the lady pointed out the Burgs are better at denying any residual evidence or are committed by that protected species too young to face any meaningful repercussions. Matters well outside the police role but things that must impact on morale and motivation

Her closing of the call included a philosophy statement that is affixed to their fridge and I hope I can get a copy of it, pure gold as an explanation for the jungle dwellers who want "their problem" addressed now,  not later.
Then in response to a prompt from Lynch she gave another terrific philosophical rejoinder on her feelings about the all too often ghastly possibility that her man may not come home safe.

Thankyou to all police frontline staff who day in day out do a job very few would ever consider.

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