Thursday, August 4, 2016


Jeremy Corbyn has a most unusual hobby ... studying the history and design of manhole covers.

Not sure I needed to.

But all the very best in your quest to destroy the Labour Party.   I'm with you all the way.


alwyn said...

I wonder if he can explain why they are normally round?
I gather that was a favourite question for people wanting to get a job at Microsoft.
I suspect Mr Corbyn would fail the test.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Apparently there is a town in England called Marnhull.

When I first saw the sign for Marnhull St here is South Australia I assumed a Labor leaning town planner could not spell 'manhole.'

I was wrong.

Anyway, one of the street's residents informed me the English town has a street named 'Sodom Lane.'

I wonder if Labour's great leader knows haw many manholes are in Marnhull and whether each one leads to Gomorah?