Monday, August 8, 2016


A comment this morning from a contributor to Whaleoil general debate caused me to recall a rather unsettling incident that I encountered on the forecourt of a Murchison Gas station a few years ago.

In a comment today,  a stranger had accosted a motorcyclist and asked how many poor people could have been fed with what his Harley had  cost. The reply included the salient fact that workers at the Wisconsin HD factory might have benefitted along with those who were involved in making the tyres and then expanded to include the mine workers who dug up the copper ore and the workers in Illinois who worked at Caterpillar where the mine equipment was built.
Sadly too many ill-informed tall poppy choppers with envy as their main motivator get the whole big picture around welfare and capitalist endeavour so wrong and are too rarely called to account.
A brief encounter with a dumb socialist with a chip on both shoulders no doubt.

In my case while putting  gas into my tow vehicle pulling my mobile home,  it was a roman sandal over whitish sox shod,  unshaven long haired smelly hippy in what could be described as the clothing de jour for a green parasite who disdainfully asked why my rig was larger than most others on the road.

He rapidly slunk away when I, with some rather callous disregard for the truth, asked how could he know   it was not my  home and we were following itinerant work.
There are quite a number of people who have become great acquaintances who have eschewed having a House and opted for the life of a gypsy. Fruit picking in Nelson,  Vinyard work in  Marlborough, Canterbury and Central Otago, and other opportunities for vital casual work that present throughout our nation.
They still pay loads of taxes and charges that contribute towards what I might assume provided that loser with his probable state funded welfare. Yes I may well be just as rude and wrong in my assumptions but his rather belligerent demeanour elicited my response.

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paul scott said...

I took a photo in the truckies park, in Ingham, getting there towards Cairns.
Beside my little Jucy hire green Toyota was a massive travel rig. And attached another massive trailer.
The photo looks like a dwarf car next to a goliath. I asked the bloke what he did with it all.
He said, the wife is in the back there, sometimes I don’t see her for days
Thousands of Victorians go up there every year, in these big wheelers.
Its a dangerous road, so you can just go inland when it gets confusing, its the truck drivers who are scary.