Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Haven't Laughed So Much.....

....since Aunty fell down the steps and caught her boobs in the mangle.

For two days now I have been subjected to media headlines about the prospects for particular Australian athletes winning gold medals in Rio.

As each day wears on the headlines change to "Oh shit!  Some other bugger won the gold."

Mitch finishes fourth

Seebohm misses out 

All except the ladies Rugby Sevens team which beat NZ.

Maybe the Ockers should put the sheilas up against the All Blacks.  Their menfolk seem to know little of the game or how it is played.

All in all, I can't be bothered with the whole charade where half the 'athletes' are known dope cheats and the other half have not yet confessed.

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gravedodger said...

Gee Adolf almost a hint of the cynical there, loved "the other half havn't confessed line"

Don't know how your coverage is, here SWMBO would like a lot more of the equestrian but hand ball and beach VB seem to be much more important.
That said with some ten channels going 24/7 it is a massive step up from previous state TV efforts.