Friday, August 12, 2016


I am reliably informed that the opening ceremony for this years chemist of the year extravaganza in the Brazil coastal  city of Rio d Janero, there was considerable hypocritical and farcical alluding to saving the planet.

What a crock, Brazil is a gold medal contender for  planet wrecking  with China, India and Indonesia also seeking "a podium finish". Also in the field will be a bunch of African Nations who are very strong in deforestation, species exploitation, corruption   and exhaustive agricultural practise that leaves New Zealand in the enviable situation of not even qualifying.

Well atheism and agnosticism might also be under threat as some higher being clearly un-hinged about such truth manipulation, with an inexplicable Algae attack on first the Diving pool and then the Water Polo area of the unroofed water sport complex.

With their elected President under suspension for being very naughty and so far failing to make headway in using the "everybody has done that" defence, the coastal waters for rowing and yachting increasingly presenting as the waters edge of the "Tip" (a yacht is said to have collided with a partially submerged Couch) with serious health risk from any contact with that water, our first medal winner being given a big fright when her cab driver tried a shakedown, it is turning out as the shambles that going to a third world sh#thole always threatened.

Never mind it is all a great fit with the gross fraud and misleading propaganda that we are delivered of daily from our very own Melons. and they write their own scripts, eh Clint.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And people paid good money to sit through it?