Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Great One Liner

From Tim Blair

Fairfax, the largest locally owned news media company in Australia, has zero people from a non-English-speaking background on its board or senior management team.
To make up for that, Fairfax has hundreds on its editorial staff who can’t write English


The Veteran said...

maybe, just maybe, that's why Fairfax NZL has just written down their assets by $100 million while reporting a reduction in revenue for the first half of the year of 7.6%.

If I were an investor in Fairfax I would be really, really worried. I see their shares have fallen 1.6% on the ASX.

Redbaiter said...

Here's another great one liner I read today-

"Libertarians advocating open borders is like free-range zebras advocating releasing lions from zoos."

David said...

Adolf - shows the folly of putting anyone educated in NZ in charge of a business. :-)

Red - clueless as usual. Free range Zebras are used to dealing with free rangle Lions. Lions released from captivity would not scare them at all. A bit like you. All bark, no bite.

Redbaiter said...

If any Libertarians disagree with the above I'm sure they don't need a loathsome lying Communist coward speaking for them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Your comment show the folly of educating lefties.

You just might be surprised at how many NZ educated men and women have operated for many years at or near the top echelons of many large businesses in Australia.

By way of contrast I give you your fat friend Clive Palmer.

David said...

Adolf, that should be either

Your comment shows, or,

Your comments show.

lefties. Always better educated.