Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Transport administer Simon Bridges is going to look at the cost of a "P" licence, said to be around $2000.

Now colour me orange but just how many Uber drivers have been prosecuted for offences against passengers, sexual, fraud or even common assault.

Yet we are to accept that the $2000 fee for a "P" licence will give protection, that is as utterly bloody useless as the Teacher unions claiming there is a danger from "unregistered" teachers such as can work in charter schools.
There have been far too many disgusting paedos and other deviants who have existed for years under a cone of silence and obfuscation from Union run interference and protection.

How come when a  crat gives support to car pooling and ride sharing by commuters there is no accompanying mass warnings of the danger from predatory scumbags using such process to create opportunities for crime.
Then there is an equally puzzling matter of a very ordinary driver putting a dozen people in a minivan and driving an unlimited distance  while making another driver who wishes to take the whole rugby team have a vehicle vastly higher in legal requirement and the driver to have a "P" licence.

So it would seem that one of Mr Key's rising stars has discovered enough polling knowledge to now seek to find a compromise in the matter of modern technology being introduced to a simple task of getting to an airport in a timely manner with minimal danger from poor drivers and endless queues of cabs and the drivers just sitting around waiting when someone else is struggling to get picked up for a trip to a Dr,  possibly somewhere across town that will not disgorge a bunch of captive customers en mass at say airport, stadium or other opportunity.

It must be assumed that there was  sufficient  pressure from the combined weight of Uber drivers and their satisfied customers to make continued stupidity in standing on a beach asking the tide to stop its advance.

When time is of little moment I tend to use a shuttle bus as there are savings to be made and the outcome, time and distance travelled is often little changed.

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