Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Much fuss today about a couple of Aussie medal winners who, on the dias, fild to sing their country's national anthem.

What do you expect when your schools are chockablock full of left wingers who teach kids to despise their country?

The Veteran said...

Fiji has gone berserk. The Bula Bus has just gone past laden with drummers. At the Westin Happy Hour has started five hours early. It's Party time. The 7s Gold .... Fiji's first ever Olympic medal, has set the nation alight. Well done Fiji. For an Olympis which has had its fair share of problems clearly the 7s, men and women, has been an outstanding success.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're very lucky to be there amongst it all.

May every hour be happy.

Gerald said...

Veteran I thought you weren't going to be interested in the Olympics.
Any congrsts for Kiwi medal winners?

gravedodger said...

Gerald for Gold medal in whining in special Olympics Intellectual anorexics.

I have little interest in goings on in Rio but it might be a surprise to discover that there is some discussion in normal social discourse.
My comments on the equestrian come from a long association, particularly for SWMBO who was once a dressage Judge for the NZ Horse Society and only gave it up because the requests became too onerous and impacted on our lifestyle.

Gee Whiz That Veteran is a Philistine for ignoring a team playing off for 8/9th over a team from where he is at present right there in situ while they not only win their 1st ever Olympic medal but became the inaugural sevens champs by smashing the home of the game by over half a century. In sevens that is very impressive

Yeah Murray and Bond have carved out a very impressive place in the annals of Rowing but they are now so dominant that other power house rowing teams are choosing to avoid what will likely be just another view of a winning boat from a less than desirable position some meters back down the course.

Being right there, right now is a wonderful place Vet and interestingly Fiji seems to be nothing resembling what lisping Barbie doll and other media luvvies wish us to accept.

Enjoy yourself old chap and leave Gerry to continue to attempt to get his lead balloons to fly.

paul scott said...

Wait on . I thought we were supposed to fulminate here. Like fuck the Olympics, and also fuck the speeches on saving the world, fuck AGW people, fuck Christina Figueres very hard. I should have said this yesterday .

Gerald said...

Dogger wasn't addressing you fucktard.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Please take your giant intellect elsewhere.

The Veteran said...

Gerald ... Do you work very hard on reading something into my comments something that isn't there or do you just enjoy being a tosser? It's a privilege to be in Fiji right now and their collective pride in what 'their' team has achieved is infectious. That's what the point of my post was all about. Interesting reading today's Fiji Times. Everyone in the 7s squad when interviewed threw pc out the window and attributed their success to their belief in God. If that had happened back home it would have sent the chattering classes chattering and would have probably resulted in a complaint to the Media watchdogs that this was inappropriate in a secular society.

As for NZL success. Of course I congratulate those athletes. But, as I said, the Rio Games leave me cold on a number of fronts not the least being the failure of the IOC to stand up and be counted on the issue of state sanctioned doping.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes indeed Vet.

What Gerald and the rest of his desiccated secularist brethren can't abide is the fact there is no greater motivator of man than his faith in God.

Why, it even motivates his friends to put on semtex singlets in the name of Allah.

Gerald said...

Adolf im sure you god would also label you a tosser.