Friday, August 5, 2016

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Redbaiter said...

The Progressive dam is breaking in the US, UK and Australia, but in NZ it remains solidly in place.

An island of political cowardice and conformity in a brave new world.

Key's cowards rejoice in the state of the Labour party without acknowledging it is the National Party's complete and abject surrender to left wing/ progressive forces that have caused it.

There is nothing to celebrate in the National Party's perceived success, for all they have done is become the Labour party while fooling their gullible supporters that they represent some kind of right wing alternative.

Its a measure of how completely NZ is lost that there's no one here that could measure up as a Trump, or a Hanson, or a Farage. (or even a Malcolm Roberts who is really going to stick it to the Turnbull gang).

And its the National Party & John Key in particular that has brought the country to this shameful state.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You give the National Party far too much credit for supernatural ability.

Labour did it to temselves, by themselves. All by their very own selves.

Redbaiter said...

On reading my comment again Adolf I realise I probably did not make my meaning as clear as I should have.

What I am bemoaning is the one party state.

IMHO, this is what is behind the rise of Trump, Farage etc. Voters are rebelling against the lack of choice.

This is driving large swathes of them away from the major parties, and minor parties are benefiting from this, even when as with Trump, they are hardly a good option.

But here in NZ, the stodgy status quo prevails and no one is there to take the votes of those who do want the one party state to be overturned.

Where NZ is missing out is that overseas, the new conversations are in full swing. Here, the conversations are still the same old progressive garbage.

I think Australia is actually facing much more of a voter rebellion than NZ. The political conversation there is so much broader, and in stark contrast to NZ, where every time I see some issue raised it all seems so piffling.

So I guess its the political mood I'm really talking about. Although at the same time, I still see this mood, and its lack of curiosity, and lack of political diversity as a result of the John Key's dogged conformance to progressive ideology.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Red, I guess you haven't caught up with the reality that NZ is a slightly centre left country and any gummint has to reflect the will of the majority which is what the Key led gummint has done exceptionally well.

You must concede little old ACT did pretty well to bring in three strikes and charter schools. Hardly the stuff of your much derided progressives. There is the wisdom of negotiating rather than sticking your nose in the air and walking away.

No, I don'r agree NZ is a 'one party state.' Labour is far to the left while National straddles the strategic middle ground. The Greens,of course, are simply nutters and commies while your friend Winston is a shyster and bullshitter.

Redbaiter said...

Adolf, I've been in business for myself since a very young age.

I became interested in politics after becoming fed up with laws & regulations impacting negatively on my businesses, and I became very active in the game way back.

When I returned to NZ, I dallied with the Libertarians before realising they were by and large a bunch of narcissists more interested in sodomy & drugs than what I was interested in.

I moved on to ACT, but lost interest in them when they moved away from economics and became the Liberal party.

I have always read vociferously. I read and read and read and read, and I eventually realised that Conservatism was my political home, & that the freedoms I yearned for were there long ago, but we had let them slip away in mistake for progress.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to know,and be perfectly clear, that I have never been in the least interested in NZ First or Winston Peters.

Chaz said...

"I became very active in the game way back."

You're not active in the game, Russell. You're an impotent, lonely troll. How long's it been? Twenty years of squwking rage and nothing achieved. I almost pity you. Almost.

paul scott said...

I agree with Red, that we have a pretty hard road trying to shake the two party system.
Australia has this option of transferred votes, and they swung to social conservatism in the Senate.
They can’t do that in the parliament, there is not even room for Economic conservatives there. Not that we want another layer of Government.
But the 4.5% Conservative voters [2014 ] have to go somewhere next time, and I would be surprised if many want to help this present Government .
People really look down on NZFirst, and there are reasons. But a big vote catcher will be the race based preference, and the weird way Councils are proceeding toward unelected positions.
Then there is the general wear and tear on existing Government .
It shows up overseas, that people are prepared to make risky votes to change the system

Redbaiter said...

"It shows up overseas, that people are prepared to make risky votes to change the system"

That is a good point Paul, and one I try to make often.

Even though they may not be fond of the other parties, people may vote for them just to show how utterly pissed off they are with the two main parties.

Or the one main party in NZ, as I believe they are. :)

For example in the US, I know for a fact that many Trump supporters have no idea about politics per se, and support him only to express their dissatisfaction with the Democrat/ Republican status quo.

Redbaiter said...

BTW, its not through any kind of animosity to Winston that I have not ever supported NZ First. Its merely that they have never appeared to me to demonstrate any kind of firm political position.

They seem to express one point of view on a certain matter, and then express a contradictory point of view on another matter. Too woolly for me.

ACT are a bunch of navel gazing liberals, and Labour/ National are extreme left big tent, and they're all driven by Cultural Marxism, but I don't know what NZ First are at all. The Conservative mantel was there for them if they wanted it, but they never seemed to have any idea of how to pick it up.

Now, they're just too old, and part of the system. IMHO, we need something and someone fresh.

BTW Adolf, re ACT and their charter schools. Far too little. If Labour ever gets power again the schools are gone. The legislation is hopelessly inadequate.

They should have just completely de-regulated and de-centralised education.