Sunday, August 28, 2016


Rank-Jurgen Weise, Head of Germany's Migration Office, has said he expects 300,000 refugees to arrive in Germany by the end of this year ... somewhat down on the million plus that stormed across their porous borders in 2015.

Lets put that into some perspective.   Germany's population is approximately 17 times that of New Zealand.     On a proportionate basis that is equivalent to us having to absorb 17,600 refugees.   There is no way New Zealand could cope with those numbers and even the 'nutty' Greens realize this.   Their response to the recent announcement by government increasing our annual refugee intake by 250 to 1,000 (the first such increase in 25 years) was to call for it to be increased by a further 1,000 to 2,000.  

When you lose control of your borders you lose control of your future and Merkel has done that in spades.   There will be a reckoning and with the Federal election looming next year ... the bell tolls for thee, Ms Merkel.


The Realist said...

I have a German mate and he tells me the average German is totally spewing over what has happened

Anonymous said...

You are writing from a a little Islanders perspective Veteran. Germany has land borders with eight countries and the only one that was ever secure was the Berlin wall. Germany has 357,000 sq K's land mostly habitable...NZ has 268,000 sq K's a lot unihabitable.

The net migration figures for 2015 show Germany had a net increase of 1.24 people per thousand........New Zealand for the same period had an net increase of FIFTEEN per thousand.

Storm in teacup stuff> Don't panic Mr Mainwaring.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... then you would argue my contention that countries that have lost control of their borders have lost control of their future.

Brexit, right or wrong, would say that I'm right and you're wrong. I await the results of next years federal election with interest.

Hat-tip ... the Free Democrats to do well at the expense of the CDU (Merkels mob) the SDP and Alliance 90/The Greens.

Anonymous said...

To have "secure borders" you need 100% passport checks and truck searches. A few months ago I wrote on this blog what would happen if the French introduced 100% passport checks at Dover.....tailbacks half way to London and billions lost to the economy of both countries. A couple of weeks ago the French, as is their right introduced these checks for three days and the chaos was worse than I ever imagined with the police closing of one lane of the opposite motorway so they could deliver water, aid and portaloos along 50 miles of tailback. The autoroute traffic between France and Germany, Belgium and France etc is four times that of UK/France.Forget border security it will not and cannot happen without going back to a 1950's economy.

For the UK to transport goods to Germany on Brexit will means containerised trucks with all the apropriate paperwork and mandatory checks and no off loading on the way. At the moment all a truck driver does is switch on the ignition in his curtain sided lorry in Manchester and turn it off in Lyon/Hamburg/Turin etc.

Lord Egbut

paul scott said...

There are some recent writings on the personal history of the insane Herr Merkel.
It is quite unquieting. Early years as a trooper in the communist party of course, a sexless and soul less marriage for expediency, she really is a doll. A mad doll.
Too late we are learning something new about humans.
We know about the limp pansy Western loathing progressives and academia , but for some reason many women welcome the colonising, raping, pillaging, low life, stone age Islam stuff into the West. We could be on the way toward to annihilation of the West. I don't know how Russia will handle this new world.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, thats some pretty good stuff you are on.....give me a number and next time I'm
travelling through we'll go down to Nana and split a ladyboy between us.

Andy said...

"Anonymous said...
Hey man, thats some pretty good stuff you are on.....give me a number and next time I'mtravelling through we'll go down to Nana and split a ladyboy between us."

And what would you know about Merkel?

Anonymous said...

Well she aint a the Russians say there are no ugly women in russia, just not enough vodks

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... 'little Islander' or not, open boarders and free movement and, by definition, there must be a certain loss of national sovereignty. No country can continue to absorb refugees at the rate Germany did last year without something giving ... the patience of its citizenry who, rightly or wrongly, see their culture under threat. That is the 'challenge' faced by Merkel.

One year out from the election and that frustration is reflected in the current poll numbers. Merkel's mob (CDU) have dropped 11% from 42% (last election) to just 31%. Their partners (SDP ... equivalent of 'our' Labour Party) in the 'Grand Coalition' have dropped 7% from 26% to just 19%. The main beneficiaries have been the AfD (Right-wing populist/euroskeptic) which as gone from 5% to 14% and the FDP (classic liberal) up from 5% to 8%.

Argue the toss as much as you like. Clearly Merkel has a problem ... looks like the CDU and the SDP are both going to lose seats. Question is .... how many. A year in politics is a VERY long time.

Anonymous said...

Borders Veteran, borders.....What is happening encapsulates European History and movement of people over the last 1000 years. Just as the face of NZ is changing so are other countries. Germany took in around a million Turks as "guest workers"
in the 60's to build the economic miracle some went home some stayed but as a result there are now large Turkish communities in the cities, much like Indians in the UK, who consider them selves the end everyone is absorbed into a country. The Romans were absorbed into Britain as were the Normans and had D-Day not happened France would have absorbed the Germans not the other way around.
You cant beat he numbers...a net immigration of 1.24 people per thousand in 2015.

I'm afraid to many people take to much notice of a shouty media who portray an event as much as you would the sky from the bottom of a well.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... hallelujah ... we agree it's boarders ... and most 'sensible' countries have border controls. Are you really suggesting NZL would be better off by opening it's borders to all and sundry? If you are then sorry, you've lost the plot and I can understand completely your bemusement as to why the UK voted for Brexit.

Yes, there's a price to pay and be paid and I'm not sure those voting for Brexit understood the stakes but the prize was national sovereignty.

And for most people that means as lot 'little islanders' notwithstanding.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Careful Vet.

Don't go around he place shouting "Hallelujah" lest someone takes you for a terrorist.

Redbaiter said...

Egbut spits on the traditions and culture that gave him everything he has of value.

Why fight off the Vietcong Egbut? You should have let the dominoes fall and when NZ was finally invaded by jack booted commie thugs, all would have been sweet.

Anonymous said...

No Veteran I never suggested that at all as you well know....anyone who talks about borders in modern day Europe as if they were something out of an old WW2 film clearly does not understand the complexity of the problem. Your advice to the British Government on how to overcome the problems of 100% passport control at Dover would be most welcome. Anything less than 100% would lead to unsecured borders.

Lord Egbut