Saturday, August 27, 2016

Famous Last Words

.....of a dying coach.

"They'll be no good without McCaw and Carter."


The Veteran said...

The game last night was much more physical but the reality is that the Oz team had no answer to the ABs who have taken the game to a completely new level.

Oz rugby needs to go back to the drawing boards. Long range penalty goals don't cut it in modern rugby ... learning how to win lineouts will help.

The raw talent and skill sets being exhibited in the ITM Cup bode well for the future. The early evening game between Taranaki and Hawkes Bay and you saw that in spades ... go the 'Naki'.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


What strikes me about this idiotic coach is his obvious belief that it is a couple of stars who win games rather than the team. He has discovered that there are hundreds of McCaws and Carters running around in NZ just waiting for their chances.

The Ockers need to get rid of their coach and their slow old men.