Friday, August 26, 2016

Dietary Advice

The Cook's brother in law this week attended a dinner to commemorate the establishment of his local footy club - a county club up on the Murray river.

There was a photo of the inaugural 1966 team, of which he was a member.

Of all the players, remarkably, only three were absent due to their having kicked their last full pointers.

It occurs to Adolf that, over the ensuing fifty years, the remaining fifteen players each would have imbibed some 5,000 litres of red wine, 2,500 litres of port, 10,000 litres of beer and consumed at least 2,500 kg of rump steak, 15,000 eggs and 2,500 meat pies.

It helps to have lived in a country where you can get a triple bypass at the drop of a hat and not have to pay for it.


paul scott said...

Not so sure about those meat pies, but 100 litres of red wine each, in an entire year is pussy. Unless you are an alcoholic like me, then you really have to lower the average.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The 100 litres of wine is merely an accompaniment foe the port and beer. It was not one or the other.