Saturday, August 20, 2016

Celebrating Graceless Losers

Here's another reason why I'm really not terribly interested in these Olympics.

After days and days of gungho predictions for gold by the yard, I'm now bombarded with headlines making excuses for a nation of losers.  Here's today's ration.

Silver for "Gutted" Jared Tallent.

He failed to finish in first place.  Maybe he just didn't have enough talent.

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paul scott said...

I live in a place where I can't talk to anyone, read their newspapers, and I don't watch TV except by accident. Olympic games haven't happened. Nothing happens unless people like you tell me, or I see it out of the window. I did see Lydia golfer for a few minutes yesterday. The courses looked pretty mean, big sandpits, trees, and water traps.