Sunday, August 21, 2016


The Ockers didn't arrive at the ground until five minutes before full time.


Anonymous said...

If the decline in the popularity of rugby throughout the world continues at the present rate you will have to have a Sth Island AB and a Nth Island AB team..... Sth Africa will never replicate the days of yore as the talent pool has shrunk to nothing, football has now become the national sport of Wales, Club rugby has killed any chance of France putting together a competitive team. Only England offer any chance of giving the AB's an entertaining game but the future doesn't look good for them either.

When the Australians roll over so easy and the public don't care you know the end is in sight.

Lord Egbut

Redbaiter said...

Rugby players are actually third rate sportsmen in Australia.

League and AFL have all of the stars.

Sometimes league players stars are induced to downgrade to rugby, by money usually, or a fading career.

However in general, the Australian public are not that interested in a silly over-regulated game where the "referee" actually "manages" the game and shouts at the players constantly throughout the match.

Only morons could come up with such a format and expect it to be a winning spectacle. Sack today's Rugby managers and play the game as it used to be played.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... Oz Rugby is a Cinderella sport and struggles against both the AFL and the NRL and will continue to do so. The Yarpie talent pool is there but nobbled by their quota system. Not sure you're right re France and you forgot Ireland, Japan and Argentina ... the last two especially.

I disagree that the popularity of rugby worldwide is in decline. Last year the numbers of registered players increased from 2.56m to 2.82m including places like Morocco which I had never heard of as playing the sport having 4,899 players. The IRB World 7s and the inclusion of Rugby in the Olympics has given a further boost to the sport.

Anyway, soccer is sooooooooooooo boring. A 90 minutes nil-nil draw and people cheer ... they must live very boring lives.

I see the nice Mr Corbyn thinks Arsenal is the best Soccer Club in the world ... well, that's the kiss of death for them which has started with a soooooooooooooo boring nil-nil draw against Leicester City yesterday.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You may or may not be right about the future of rugby. And Vet, rugby is not actually a Cinderella sport in NSW and Queensland. Those two states have always been 'rugby first' outfits. About the only people you'll find playing the game in other states are Yarpy, kiwi, Pommy and Taffy ex pats.

My lasting impression of last night's game was one of watching a team of tired old men run around by a bunch of kids. The Chanel 9 commentary was nauseating. On and on and on about the injury to Matt Giteau. They don't seem to understand it's a team game

Noel said...

Red's "play the game as it used to be played" brought back memories.
Remember when the ball bounced all over the place during line outs until someone started cheating. They then had to make a rule for the cheaters, instead of penalizing hard at every game for a year. Would have slowed up the game for a short time in history but it was more of a spectacle than one guy been lifted and nobody contesting.

Anonymous said...

Veteran ..I meant in decline in the traditional rugby playing nations. The building the first rugby stadium in Birmingham UK's second city (pop 5 mill.) has been canned. The only good thing about the French club system is that it trains Argentine players but if you are looking to them to provide a game you will be waiting a long time.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Watch the US. There are huge numbers playing rugby there and its got a toe hold in schools. I suspect they will get to be pretty good because the sponsors will require it.