Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And Eurowankers Wonder Why......

,,,,,,, Britain told them to stick their dreams of a new wold order?

The EU has issued a 'ruling' demanding Apple hand over $19 billion dollars to the Irish gummint.

But get this.

There has been no tax evasion or any other illegal activity on the part of Apple.

Ireland set about attracting big business (along with all it's benefits such as employment, expenditure, payment of 23% VAT on all goods and services, etc) by adopting a relatively low rate of corporate income tax, namely 12.5%.

Apple set up business there and prospered as a result, as did Ireland.

However the socialists who run the EU are having none of that and are calling it 'tax evasion' because apparently Ireland has broken EU rules by offering an attractive rate of tax.

Of course this ridiculous 'ruling' by a dying organisation is being appealed by Apple and by Ireland.

Adolf has an answer for them though.

Apple should mount a counter claim for all the wages, VAT and other transactions made in Ireland during the time it has been in business there.  By the time the whole thing is settled the EU will be part of the Islamic State so it won't matter anymore.


Redbaiter said...

"Apple should mount a counter claim for all the wages"


Our Western governments are full of far left bullies and thugs. I don't need to name them, the examples are plentiful and obvious.

There is no profit therefore in repairing to the law.

The issue here is when does the common man voter wake up to fact we are in the hands of thugs and criminals with no moral restraints upon their actions?

Still a way to go, but the day will come.

Anonymous said...
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paul scott said...

I wonder how International Companies become subject to EU.
Does it work like this / Ireland is in EU so you Apple get to pay taxes we [EU] set.
That is Ireland has no sovereignty.
Nobody has sovereignty except the mad mad Juncker.

On a lesser level the energy philosopher Alex Epstein received some demand for his books,
from the Massachusetts Attorney General or someone.
He replied to them, a letter, it said. "Fuck you"

So Apple send EU a letter.
" Fuckwit Juncker, shortly the world is going to fuck you very hard
Who would you like to fuck you hard first Juncker.
Netherlands or Hungary.
Germany will fuck you after they get rid of that insane Herr Merkel.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut, it's time for you to take a long holiday and reflect upon your vitriolic and erroneous comments. You seem to be a socialist. That is, one who think companies should donate their income to idiots like you, even though they have acted within the law.

I look forwrd to at least a month without Legbut.

A breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Legbut merely pointed out that your figures and source were wrong.....the 12.5% tax was agreed as within the guidelines but Apple paid only 0.005% which is illegal arrangement particularly as the UE had poured billions into the Irish infrastructure in the last twenty years.

Psycho Milt said...

There has been no tax evasion or any other illegal activity on the part of Apple.

So? The ruling is that Apple's agreement with Ireland to pay 0.005% tax was in breach of the EU's rules. Ireland's an EU member and membership of something involves agreeing to its rules. The WTO's ruling that Australia had to stop blocking NZ apple imports was the same thing - if a country wants to be a member of a particular group, it has to follow the rules of that group and suck it up when it's found to be in breach of those rules. Don't want to follow the rules? Don't join up. Nobody's forcing Ireland to be a member of the EU and nobody's forcing Apple to sell its shite consumer crap in the EU, so where exactly is the problem with them both having to follow the EU's tax rules?

Anonymous said...
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Johno said...

Why are idiots quoting tax rates as a percentage of turnover? The .005% figure is arrant nonsense.

Nowhere in the world is income tax levied on turnover.

12.5% is a tax rate on profit. Apple have not made much profit in Ireland which is hardly surprising. Their accounting has been deemed legal and in order. Even the Irish tax authorities agree, yet some EU clipboard carriers seem to know better.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The troll from LaRochelle has been on thin ice for a long time.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon@ 12.05

Can't you read?

Apple did nothing illegal.

If any 'rules' were broken they were broken by Ireland, not Apple.

That is the irony (stupidity) of this ruling.

Paulus said...


The Labour Party Financial Guru used the comment this morning citing Tax relevant to Turnover.
And he wants to be Finance Minister ?

Anonymous said...

UK Guardian today

"The country has a corporation tax rate of 12.5%, less than many other EU nations, but made deals with Apple allowing the world’s most valuable company to pay tax on profits at a maximum of 1%. In 2014, Apple paid tax of 0.005% in Ireland, or €50 on every €1m in profit generated."

Sounds like he would make a good finance minister.