Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Evidence in support suggests Little  Andrew having more positions than the Karma Sutra.

Exhibiting a very strong remnant Unionist Position he continues to berate ex NZLP member Nick Leggett and his election team as right wing saboteurs when the fact is Leggett, a long time member of AA's vehicle on its way to a train smash, only resigned because under the party rules he had to when he chose to stand against muppet/puppet Justin Lester for Wellington Mayoralty, who was  already endorsed as the LP's candidate. Throwing Stuart Nash and other equally long time members under the bus as well.

On student Debt he adopted a position of forgiving what many who live in the real world see as a rather minimalistic allotting of a share of the costs of tertiary education, if said borrower joins a union and works in the hinterland of say Waikato.

On Cannabis reform a wooly woofter position,  again made up while riding in his LoO Crown Car to the Student radio studio, on having a referendum. Didn't even try to differentiate between medicinal, cultivated, gifted  or just in transit in some moron's  pocket.

Watch out "Angry One" some of those positions, just as in the other book, can be challenging and have a potential to cause serious physical harm to either the attemptee, attemptor or in worst case scenario, both.

Can I suggest you just keep up the great work as around 90% of voters think it is working out well and support you 10%, up from 7. A position that came along in an odd coincidence while the Parliament was in recess and the Little one was very quiet publicity wise.


Redbaiter said...

FFS, this endless criticism of Andrew Little from self perceived center right pundits is so boring.

Like John Key is so utterly above any such criticism?

Take the log of wood out of you're eye.

I would almost say they're as bad as each other with the proviso that although he's frequently confused about "principles" Little shows a more courageous approach to them than Key ever has.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well yes, Red. He is. That's why he is in power and Little is in his sand pit.

Gerald said...

Red he is quick to point out he is rabid right wing but not necessarily a supporter of National policy.
In short anything that's got a hint of lean to the left he's on it like a rabid dog.
Oh yeah he's also islamophobic and has hints of racisim when the circumstances permit.

Add to that the practice of using paragraphs in the place of individual words to explain him self I'm surprised you were able to ascertain what the post was about.