Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ya Gotta Larrrrf.

The Cook just got back from voting.

In front of her in the queue were two scruffy young fellows with many tattoos and wearing dog hair encrusted hoodies.  They rushed to grab the 'how to vote' cards from the Killer Greens representative and when they finally got to the desk they were informed 'sorry but you are not enrolled.'

Couldn't happen to a nicer party.


paul scott said...

haha Grexit. No Green voting here today, get your arses out of the Senate.

Angry Tory said...

ABC just called it for the Libs. If those commies have done that, then it must be pretty damn clear overall!

Angry Tory said...

Daily Telegraph called it too!!

#1 policy for refreshed govt should be to purge Australua of the curse of industrial terrorists (unions) and their political wings (labor, greens)