Wednesday, July 20, 2016


It is just plain murder
There is no 'honour' in killing someone  in what the nutters call an honour killing.

So a sister dresses a bit provocatively, a brother drugs her then murders her "to restore family honour"

No you sick bastard you murdered an innocent beautiful young woman and you can claim absolutely no honour in your deed.

Right up there with tossing blindfolded Homosexuals off a third story window, stoning a rape victim for adultery, treating marriage as a convenience and either supplementing a first wife with some home help or divorcing a wife who no longer appeals, all have no place in New Zealand Society.
Get a life, have a look around for your pride and beliefs for some inspiration and cease calling some murders as somewhat lesser crimes because the perpetrator follows some goat shagging sect preacher.

This is not some Somali, Pakistan Afghani shithole, so cease with the headlines and fairy tales that Honour has any justifiable place in our wonderful beautiful free country.

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