Sunday, July 17, 2016

When they came for my Dachshund, no one remained to care

They came and banned hunting foxes with hounds and I did nowt as I havn't riden to hounds for many years.

They banned dogs from public space because Muslims are offended by close encounters with canines, I did nothing  I had no love for Islam.

The NSW government has given up on managing the dog racing industry and will ban it and close down  the massive infrastructure, and I did nothing as I only bet on certainties.

A bar in Wellywood became egged on face when a staff member asked an Autistic child and his dad to sit outdoors, in Windy Wellington that can equate to a chiller, because they had the boys "comfort dog" with them. Now had it been a "seeing eye dog" it would never have happened.
I have great empathy and understanding for the principle around a support dog for whatever reason as the proven benefits are significant and those dogs although not trained to a level such as seeing eye, drug dogs, and other dogs trained to support and augment human activity, most  are so much better to be around than many of the species of the human race. Again I did nothing as it was someone else.

As swmbo and self become more restrained in personal activities with accompanying health issues around aging, the company of our two little 'furkids' bring great joy, comfort and security with their unconditional love and companionship. There are costs and constraints but it is a massive pleasure for us.

That bureaucracy and officialdom could for any of many justifications deny us the simple pleasure is a sobering but very real threat, maybe I should have spoken up when the pseudo socialists went after the great tradition that was Fox Hunting.


Gerald said...

"They banned dogs from public space because Muslims are offended by close encounters with canines"

We know you are a rightwing with islamophobia but please stop taking the Pickering Post as gospel(pun intended).

gravedodger said...

Another dumb enabler, my source had nothing to do with Larry Pickering, go and read some reliable European News sources.

David said...

Gerald, old gravedodger is right, and there is more to it than this.

A non Muslim man bullied because he cycled through a Muslim Area.

Signs in Brooklyn read Precious Muslim Daughter: Please move to the side when a man approaches!

Similar signs in London.

Muslims demand, and get, women only swimming times at a public pool.

And many of them don't even own dogs.

Gerald said...

" read some reliable European News sources."

Which ones do you consider reliable?


paul scott said...

Dogs often talk to me in their own way. Not all of them, but the ones I feed chicken to,will often invite me to their meetings. We had a Soi dog meeting this morning, in fact.
They are racist little mongrels, eg Coloureds, they are wary of black dogs, and black dogs dismissive of coloured dogs.
Anyway, I mentioned your dilemma to them.
They said it was tremendous to see you had such an awakening. They were thinking of some award.
They also said it is common knowledge that dogs don't give a rat's arse about foxes.

For your further reading, I inculde my posts

Dogs are good

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and including a shocking case of Racism in dogs

paul scott said...

From above / attempt to get links in / sorry if does not work

For your further reading, I include my posts
Dogs are good but including a shocking photo of dog racism

Eating dogs in Sakon Nakhon

and including a shocking case of Racism in dogs

Anonymous said...

I spoke to an OZ about this, and they were glad greyhound racing had been banned because of the 'cruelty' of it all.
Horse racing will be next....

Kiwi in OZ

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Greyhound racing has not yet been banned. The legislation has to still be passed and I think wise heads will prevail.

Anonymous said...

David is dyslexic please reverse all his posts for an approximation of the truth. Women only swimming Hasadic Jews...footpath in London..ultra orthodox Jews. Standard of debate is slipping chaps....shape up.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Many years ago an old dog fox, chased to exhaustion, found it's way into my back garden. There was an unpleasant stand off between me and some equally unpleasant people.

Ten tons of horsemeat and £200,000 of tailoring had been chasing this old boy for half a day. So anything I can do to spike the the guns of this "noble tradition" I will do.

I concur with Mr. O. Wilde......The Unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

David said...

My dyslexia was deliberate. As I have said before, our enemy is not exclusively Islamic, it is all religions that attempt to impose their rules on all of us.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Here, I agree with you one hundred percent.