Friday, July 15, 2016


Coming as it did on the eve of the Republican convention.
Well, it cannot help but give him a boost.   America has always looked to immediate answers to complex problems
and Trump, for better or worse, offers immediate answers.

One cannot help but contrast the difference between the French and American leadership.   The French have no difficulty labeling radical Islamic terrorists as such.   Obama on the other hand can't/won't.   Terrorists yes, Islamic terrorists no, not on your nelly.   And by taking that line Obama is handing Trump a bludgeon to hit Hillary over the head with.   The 'soft of terrorism' line does resonate and, post Brussels and Orlando and Nice, it will resonate more.

I say again, Trump offers simple answers to complex problems and I suspect that right now 'fear' is a good breeding ground for simple answers.

You cannot label all Muslims as terrorists any more than you can label all Roman Catholics in Ireland at the time of the 'troubles' as IRA terrorists.     Radical Islam ... yes, and you need to call them out as perverting a religion for their own warped ends and work with the majority moderate faction to isolate them and defeat them.   That is the 'long game'.

I suspect Americans will find it difficult to play the long game and that is why Trump will be a net beneficiary from all of this.



Nick K said...

I've never heard Trump offer a single answer, let alone a simple one. What is it?

The Veteran said...

Nick ... ban all 'Muslims' (although he seems to be backtracking a bit on that). Never mind the 'quality' of the rhetoric, feel the 'width'. Sadly. many will believe him.

Anonymous said...

In the world of Flinko you should be mentioning the cost of Trumps hair. Much more important than these other side issues.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just noticed your leader.......did you know something?

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... after the event.

The Realist said...

It's true that not all muslims are terrorists but it is equally true that all terrorists are muslim.

paul scott said...

The fact is that the Kenyan is overtly pro Islam, in the face of the obvious fact that it is a terrorist aggressive culture/ religion.
This means USA citizens are looking for some challenge to that, and that means Trump.
Clinton represents the corrupt status quo.
Any one in USA or Europe who thinks that the colonisation by Islam is integration, is regressive with blinkers, pure and simple.

The apartment I am living in now in Bangkok, is starting to be taken over by intimidating Ahabs. They dominate areas by this intimidation then move to other areas.
The Thais do not know what to do so they leave this apartment group.
Some of the garbage told me the other day that it was best if the swimming pool was used by a single sex, at any given time. I told them I didn't mind, I am Jewish.
They moved their wives out of the pool.
They are apparently reluctant to pay lease fees in the apartment block .
In a few years this place will be a ghetto.

Anonymous said...

PS.......Bet you live in Nth Nana just down the road from Bumrungrad International hospital. When you get a bit tired of insubstantial Thai food whip down there for some excellent kebabs....thoroughly recommend it. There has been an Arab quarter in Bangkok as long as there has been one in Singapore which is about 250 years......if you don't like it go live in the Australian quarter.(shudder)

Lord Egbut

Howie said...

"It's true that not all muslims are terrorists but it is equally true that all terrorists are muslim."

ROFL. For someone calling themselves a realist you have a very Trumpist view of truth. Tim McVeigh, Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof, the IRA, Vanilla ISIS etc. Good Muslims all. This latest incident appears to be the work of a non-religious nutter, just like Orlando. Won't stop Trump telling lies though. He must be a bit annoyed as it ruined his announcement about his running clown.

The Veteran said...

Realist ... can't argue with that.

Paul Scott ... yes, I think Trump will be a net beneficiary, that was the point of my post. As an aside I see that ex House Speaker Newt Gingrich, being touted as likely for a top job in a Trump administration (why in hells name do some parents inflict terrible names on their offspring ... Bubba Watson too), has called for all Muslims in the US to be 'investigated' to see if they believe in Sharia law. Brilliant idea ... except perhaps for the 5th Amendment ... and why anyone would voluntarily own up to that on pain of being deported (hold on, you can't deport your own citizens) or imprisonment quite escapes me. Perhaps in the Gingrich lexicon 'investigated' means pliers, electric shock treatment and waterboarding. I see some nodding their heads wisely.

Uncontrolled immigration from Muslim countries is a recipe for disaster as the EU is finding out. Immigrants need to understand and accept the mores of their adopted country. In NZL they do that when they take their oath of citizenship. Actually, I am more worried about the 'home-grown' rather than the immigrant terrorist but that's a different story.

JC said...

"Nick ... ban all 'Muslims' "

He then carried on with.. "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on."

He carried on further with justifications for his stance citing polls where US Muslims supported Sharia for the US etc etc.

He may be a dreadful candidate but as US people are starting to appreciate he's the inevitable result of 7 years of Obama and several decades of ignoring middle America.

And dare I admit it.. he's the potential result of any first past the post elective system.


Howie said...

"He then carried on with.. "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.""

Yeah an utterly meaningless qualification which he's never bothered to clarify, because he can't. Besides he's basically admitted that he was bullshitting about both this and the wall. Don't hear him talking about it anymore do you?

"he's the inevitable result of 7 years of Obama and several decades of ignoring middle America."

Crap. He's the result of a lack of sanity by the GOP, which is going to deliver them more electoral pain. There's a reason the Republicans have won the popular vote in presidential elections only once since 1988: they're extremist morons.