Wednesday, July 27, 2016


from those who might claim that the two 'men' who slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel as said said morning Mass at his church in Rouen were just mixed up individuals.

The fact that one of them, Adel Kermiche, had been twice arrested for trying to get to Syria and join IS; that after they killed Father Hamel they 'preached' a sermon in Arabic from the alter; that on exiting the Church they were screaming "Allahu Akbar"; that IS has claimed them as 'theirs' ... all of this is to be disregarded.   Islamic terrorism does not exit.

Well, go to it if you will.   Defend the indefensible.   Meanwhile my thoughts and prayers are with Father Hamel's extended family and to the people of Le Belle France.

Updated ... I see the attackers also managed to knife a Nun who is fighting for her life.     An octogenarian Priest and an elderly Nun and all in the name of radical Islam ... not bad for those big brave Yoofs.


Noel said...

I doubt that anyone will contest this.
Totally different fish from Sonboly in Munich.
I wonder if Dogger can tell the difference.

gravedodger said...

@ Noelle do you know yet from where the Muslim Sonboly got his glock, not that easy in Germany.

One thing we know, Sonboly was apparently not a Presbyterian.

paul scott said...

Imagine killing an elderly Priest in the name of God. This is a war, and we are in it.
Disgusting though it is, each one of them who kills more than one or more of us, is rewarded by God in his fanatical fucked head.
If we are not in it this war, we are cowards to our fellow Westerners.
We need none of that stuff in New Zealand.
Feel free to laugh when I say that I am niggling at NZ First to achieve an Immigration policy which will lessen the risks.
Otherwise, get ready to buy weapons.

Noel said...

Dogger the origin of the gun is known to the police and the community. If you know where to go you can get an unregistered gun in any country including NZ.

No he wasn't a Presbyterian.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... as an aside I see that Trump has now softened his stance on banning all Muslims from entering the US (that will be a relief to the NZ Ambassador) and is now calling from the "extreme Vetting' of all persons from countries where there is terrorist activity. Not sure what constitutes extreme vetting ... perhaps it's a bit like 'enhanced interrogation techniques' i.e. waterboarding .... but whatever.

According to publicly released data there were 14,806 terrorist incidents last year involving over 100 countries (including Thailand where you live - 277 incidents). That's a hell of a lot of countries and a hell of a lot of people who are going to have to be 'extreme vetted'. The mind boggles. I'm not sure that even NZ First would want to go down that path.

Anonymous said...

Britain’s Sky News reports one of the killers was even electronically tagged and was being monitored by counter-terrorism officers. Le Figaro reports the killer had tried to travel to Syria in 2015 but was forced to return.

He was charged with criminal association and being associated with a terrorist organisation and detained. He was later released with an electronic tag.

Redbaiter said...

"That's a hell of a lot of countries and a hell of a lot of people who are going to have to be 'extreme vetted'. The mind boggles. I'm not sure that even NZ First would want to go down that path."

Yep, obviously thousand of Christians being murdered by terrorists is an easier solution.


What exactly is your solution Vet?

The Veteran said...

Red ... all I am pointing out is that over the top rhetoric is no substitute for real action. Taken at face value Trump is proposing that all the citizenry from over 100 countries seeking admission to the USA will be subject to extreme vetting ... whatever that means. As I said, rhetoric, short on detail, may be effective as button politics but doesn't meet my sniff test.

My (NZL) solution ... (1) every day thank God be have a ditch (2) increased vetting of our refugee intake over and above of that carried out by the UNHCR and (3) acknowledgement that the SIS/GCSB have an ongoing and increasing role in the monitoring and surveillance of persons deemed to be a potential terrorist threat and for them to be resourced appropriately. Having said all that I believe a greater threat over and above anything posed by refugees is that posed by home-grown terrorists. I include copy-cat terrorists in that.

The Veteran said...

Red ... sorry, missing from the above (4) continued engagement with the NZL Muslim community to have them understand the necessity of reporting any 'rogue' elements within their community. I am aware this is happening, it's vitally important that this bridge building continues.

Noel said...

The US claims that vetting at present is the most stringent ever.
Don't know how Trump is going to improve on that.

Anonymous said...

Dodger.....This is Europe pal, just stick to rabbits or flood plains. I can legally own a pistol here...I choose not to and borrow my English neighbours Glock 17 when the mood takes me.

As for this latest outrage you have to remember two things. The authorities did not know it was going to happen. ISIS did not know it was going to happen. The only people who knew it would take place were the perpetrators. The fact that it was a priest chased the other deranged bastard who also heard god talking to him right of the front page to the middle. (19 knifed to death in Japan).

Be outraged by all means Veteran but don't fall into the trap that this has anything to do with mainstream religion or religions.

What you are seeing in France is a more a result of failed education, housing and employment policies, not to mention a Napoleonic attitude to the old colonies where everyone is a French citizen with equal rights.....the result is an angry under class who happen to be Arabic and by extension muslim but not in a religious sense, in another country they would be Black and shoot policemen.

Being treated for perforated ear drum after using a AK47 in it's pretty new plastic clothes and red dot finally got me.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I don't consider radical Islam as mainstream in any way, shape or form. It's the perversion of a faith that brings comfort to a lot of people. Equally, neither the Rev Jim Jones of Jonestown massacre fame or David Koresh and the Branch Davidian Sect have much to do with mainstream Christianity.

But radical Islam is a threat and must be acknowledged as such and treated (and isolated) accordingly.

Busted eardrums aren't much fun. I would have thought you might have had your fill of AK47s half a century ago.

Anonymous said...

Veteran..tell that to Dodger who sounds like Ian Paisley preaching from his bunker. Master Baiter ought to warn the Navy that the warships of our treaty allies contain a large number of Muslim sailors who are just waiting to turn on us.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

Gerald said...

Gravedoger 2.43
Most intelligent thing you've said all week.