Thursday, July 14, 2016


After six years of sometimes traumatic upheavals the people of Christchurch will now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to embrace one of New Zealand's true tohunga to it's civic breast.

First rising to public awareness, this high priest of destructive socialist wrecking movements, came to notice during the Springbok tour in 1981 when a bunch of anarchists decided to deny New Zealand citizens their traditional rights of enjoying what is arguably our national game with illegal mass protests often involving violence and dangerous unlawful activity.

In a subsequent equally hypocritical protest by this parasitic insect, he spent days outside the Auckland Tennis Centre screeching into a megaphone while an Israeli tennis player was inside playing tennis entirely lawfully.

In 2014 this appalling blight on NZ democracy joined up with another bunch of malcontents in an overt attempt to subvert our democratic mores in cahoots with a convicted criminal facing deportation to the US to answer charges of piracy and copyright infringements around illegal downloading of music and movies. Included in that "Hydra" were assorted communists, far left activists and a racist Nga Puhi all with an apparent need for entitilitus via the taxpayer. Thankfully that also ended without any significant advance in his pursuit of martyrdom, in spite of significant largesse from the obese kraut.

Now we are informed this odious creature who has found sanctuary in a teaching position at a local school as a source of funding for his apparently insatiable appetite to maintain his entire lifestyle courtesy of the NZ Taxpayer, will offer his destructive talents as Mayor of our City.
God does move in mysterious ways for sure as the aforementioned locust will stand on a ticket quaintly named "The Keep Our Assets Group" by which I am assuming it will be my assets and not his he will be targeting in his latest tilt at a windmill.

"Will nobody rid me of this meddlesome priest", worked out for Henry ll, but I may be just a few vassals short right now.


The Veteran said...

It takes a lot to be sidelined from Hone's mob but Minto has managed that to add to his long list of non-achievements.

I see his policy platform has as a major plank the promise that all bus rides in the greater Christchurch metropolitan area will be 'free' for all (with all buses to offer free Wi-Fi). Pretty silent though on where he is going to get the 'free' buses from along with 'free' diesel to run time and 'free' crews to run them and 'free' mechanics to maintain them ... whoops, can't be right with the last two ... he's promised to pay them the 'living wage'. Sooooooooo, seems this is all dependent on Santa Claus and the tooth fairy coming to the 'party'.

Minto makes Penny Bright appear statesmanlike.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


'Free' buses means there will be more than two and less than four.

The Veteran said...

AF ... his platform has it that they will be both free and regular. Pretty hard to do regular with three buses although I guess, given the uber Left's penchant for calling black white, 'regular' could mean every 24 hours. Not sure if I would want to queue at 3.00 am for my 'free' bus.

Minto is a teacher and I sincerely hope that he does not let his politics shine through into the classroom. Possible and happened with the late Ms Jones who I have blogged about previously. However the feedback I have on Minto suggests he is plain nasty and not in the Jones category.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, if you'd been subjected to a horror movie every day of your life when you looked into a mirror you too, might be just 'plain nasty.'